Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi ~Shitsubou Shimatshita, Yuusha Yamete Moto Mao to Kumi Masu

Raw Web Novel

Author: 夜之兎/羽咲うさぎ



High school student, Amatsuki Iori who was summoned to a different world was continued to fight as a brave of salvation and as he was trying to save the world he ends up being killed by the companions whom he believed.

It was when Iori thought that he already died, but when he coming to his senses he was re-summoned to the future world.
As a brave to subjugate the demon king which his former self had failed to defeat back then――
Then, he notice that (among)(among)(among)(among)(among)(among)(among) among the guys who orders him to fight as a brave, there’s a figure of his former comrade could be seen.

「……I will make you regret having betrayed me」

Then a girl who was the former demon king that want the similar revenge has appeared before Iori who was driven by his hatred.
The brave man who had abandon his ideal and did the second coming in this world will begin to move for sake of his revenge together with the former demon king.

Chapter 1 : The second coming

Chapter 2 : The Purgatory

Chapter 3 : Death Swamp

Chapter 4 The Orphanage

26 thoughts on “Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi ~Shitsubou Shimatshita, Yuusha Yamete Moto Mao to Kumi Masu

  1. Thanks for the translation, it’s one of the better out there. I just wish you kept the paragraph division of the raws, instead of breaking a paragraph every sentence. It’s much easier to read that way (specially on e-readers).

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  2. Saludos. Me ha apetecido mucho leer tu artículo. Me ha
    parecido una crítica muy cautivadora, aún, en varios parajes difiero
    un poco de su dictamen. He descubierto que tiene más publicaciones, me obligo a atrapar
    un lapso para leerlas. Ten por infalible que acecharé
    todas tus difusiones. Te alabo por tu página web.

    Un caritativo saludo.

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  3. Hello, if you have time you could translate senketsu no elf. It’s a pretty amazing novel and it’s also revenge


  4. Thank’s for translated this series….
    After full read from RAW link with copas material to GT… this is the result in the end of series.. The Hero Amatsu destroy all existance in that world and final battle is vs Demon king Elfisuzaku feat The New Hero Luser Gilban. I don’t know the end off battle but in the raw link is the last chapter in this novel, romance in this novel.. hmm not good because full of hatred, the hero die in many condition and revive again.. hmm are you fucking kidding me?.. NO


    1. Do you think the end will be good or not?
      I would like the main character to stay with the former Maou.


  5. Persons, what do you understand %BT%??? It`s my notion of using paperwork undertaking and I`m fully frustrated….
    Because I need ideas of what ti write…. Assistance?


  6. awesome! just found out this novel a couple of hours ago and I’ve been binge reading for the past few hours! Thanks for translating this.


  7. Hello, i can help to translate and edit even though only MT. How to contact you, Norva? i really like this novel but sadly the project hiatus too long.


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