Character Introduction For Chapter 2


The legendary brave who was betrayed by his companion.
He was summoned in the future thirty years later and swear revenge for those who betrayed oneself.

In the Federation, he fulfils his gruesome revenge on Beltoga and Merwin.
Each time when he let out a「hahahaha!」 laugh, it is likely that his sanity level is reduced with it.

Because he once had excessive expectation towards others, he turns into an extremely doubtful toward others in the reaction of being betrayed. He was perplexed at the fact that the adventures didn’t betray him and that has become the impetus for himself to see something in more positive light.By this events, he comes to realised that he have no eyes in judging others.
Head: None
Right arm: Magic Ring of Strength
Left arm: Magic Bracelet of Defense
Torso: Crimson Armour
Leg: Light boots
Weapons: Jade Longswords
Magic: Magic Break Suppression, Magic Usurpation, Magic Hit Reflection


Former Demon King

Her subordinate was being massacred by Ortegia and she herself was being divided into five and being sealed.
She being divided into『Head』『Both Arms』『Both Legs』『Torso』『Heart』.
Currently, 『Head』and『Both Arms』have been regained.

Albeit she often showed free-spirited attitude, but she also has ruthless side against her enemies.
Head: None
Right arm: Hot spring steamed bun
Left arm: Hot spring steamed bun
Torso: Black dress
Leg: Black Boots
Weapon: None
Magic: Demon Eyes

The Federations

· Misha

A woman of a cat beastman.
Work as the B-ranker adventurer.

After being caught up in a war between the Mazoku and human, she fled from the settlement of a cat beastman.
Come over to the Hot Spring City with her younger sister and being is picked up by Zoorutsu when she at loss having nowhere to go.
For that reason, she was really grateful to Zoorutsu.

I think favourably toward Iori after being helped many times by him.
For that reason, she was really depressed when Iori was going to leaves the town.

Always refrained herself from attaching the『Nya』accent at the end of her words.

Head: Ear Cuff of Defense
Right arm: Gauntlet of Fire Dragon
Left arm: Gauntlet of Fire Dragon
Torso: Dragon Mail
Leg: Cat Boots
Weapon: Bazelat x 2

· Nyameru

A girl of the cat beastman.
Misha younger sister.

Taking refuge at the Hot Spring City with Misha, and being picked up by the Zoorutsu.
Since that, she has been a helper in the blacksmith.

She will use her『Nya』accent without considering to hide it.
Because of that, she has a lot of adventurers fans.

Head: None
Right Arm: None
Left arm: none
Torso: Reception Uniform
Leg: Easy-To-Move Shoes
Weapon: Tone of saying『Nya』


Smith’s store owner.

He was been saved by Iori in the past, and the word which was said by him at that time has been carved deeply into his chest.
That is why he has helped both Misha and Nyamel.

Have stubborn and blunt character but his blacksmith’s ability is reliable.
Has made the Crimson Armour and the Jade Longsword and handed it to Iori.

· Zolkin Fingus

An A-ranker adventurer.

Actually, he is just a human albeit he appeared suspicious,
He has a disease releasing a regular magical power which known as Magic Discharge Illness that has forced him to wears armour to seal it.
He in his full power when he takes it off.

He had two children that become adventures and unfortunately, both of them has died.
Because of that, he wanted to prevent children from becoming adventurers.
And above all, he dislikes seeing children to dies the most.

· Merwin Johannes

A wolf beastman.

An excellent barrier mage.
He’s lacking fighting power.

Thirty years ago, he decides to betray Iori for sake of his own self-protection.
For fear of its being exposed, he had cooperated in the murder of Iori.

Since defending the Federation from the attack of the Mazoku Army, he has been doing whatever he likes in the Hot Spring City.
He also has a connection with the congressman and adventurer guild staff.

After he heard the matter regarding Iori from Luser, he burns down Zoorutsu shop in order to lure him out.
He set up the magic barrier and wait for Iori together with his subordinates, but they have being outdone easily.
His heart is being broken by the Iori though performance before he being burned to death in the despair.

Head: None
Right Arm: Silver Ring
Left arm: none
Torso: Indigo Suit
Legs: Black Leather Shoes
Weapon: None
Used Magic: The Magic Seal Barrier, The Magic Snatcher Barrier, Flame Bullets

・ Gordon

Wolf beastman.
A B-ranker adventurer.

A proud wolf beastman who looks down on other races.
A subordinate of Merwin who being tasked to keep an eye on Iori, but was being turned into a cinder by Elfi demon eyes.

The demon king army

· Beltoga

The flame ogre who mastered the flame.
Butter up to the strong one while being harsh toward the weak.
One of the betrayers who deceived Iori thirty years ago by making him drank the deadly poison known as the「Nail Of The Ogre」

A subordinate of Dionis that being treat like a goofer by him.
He steals the document of the subjugation corps from the guild and has a connection with Merwin.
The user of the magic items and manage to be mixed up among the adventurers.

Although he is a man of ability, he has a lot of gaps because he was overconfident with his strength.
Although he was looking down on the Flame Demon Lord, in reality, he is weaker than the Flame Demon Lord himself.

He has considerably being looked down on by humans in the past that has taken a root in him and that the reason why he keeps uttering the “status” words wherever possible.
For that reason, Iori has referred him as “Status Oji-san”.

Albeit he bears mortal wound, he recovered after received potions from Iori.
The instant when he was about to betray Iori, he writhed by the effect of the「Nail of the Ogre」which had been mixed inside the portion. He dies cause by the poison effect after he regrets from the bottom of his heart that he had betrayed Iori.

Head: Humanisation Helmet
Right Arm: None
Left arm: none
Torso: Armour of destruction
Leg: Flame Ogre Full Armour
Weapons: Metal Rod of Purgatory
Used magic: Demonic Majestic, Miraculous wind

· Flame Demon Lord

Rare species of the flame giant.
His individual name is Golgis.
His body will turned to black after being inflicted by damages and that will strengthen his magical power.

Author: The chapters two are concluded and
regarding the third chapter, I will post it as early as possible.

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  1. Elfi equipment:
    Right arm: Hot spring steamed bun
    Left arm: Hot spring steamed bun
    I can’t, i can’t even … This crack me up for 5 mins straight.


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