Episode 5 『 Fall Into the Traps 』

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Note:Sub-Humans changed to Demi-Humans

「 Gu…….hah  」( Luser)

Luser was writhing in pain in a courtyard of the palace.

He felt heavy dull pain on his back from being slammed during his fall. Because he barely managed to react during the fall, he was lucky to not be killed on the spot by the impact.

In addition, his nose was broken , arm and his shoulder were bleeding from the earlier slash, those things were giving him a strong pain that felt “JIKUJIKU” throbbing.

Because of the acute pain, his breathing became intense.

「 Hah, hah, damn it…..damn it, that bastard Ama…tsu!」( Luser)

Several minutes later, after his pain barely subsided, Luser raised up. He raged abusively while raising his breath.

「 That shit…..! He dares to do this to me 」( Luser)

That naive stupid brat with his worthless ideal that had no clue he was just being used. From Luser perspective, Iori is such an existence. To make a fool out of him is something that he’s unable to forgive.

「 To let myself tremble before such a small fry……!」( Luser)

I didn’t felt any magical power from Amatsu, is that the compensation for his death?  I don’t really understand what caused him to be the second Hero summoned.

If Amatsu doesn’t have the power of the Hero, even I can kill him by strangling him with my bare hands.

I was only taken by surprise this time.

Luser looked up towards the magic atelier, then spat as he remembered that he let himself fall from such a sneak attack.

「Ku…kuku! I will make you regret it. I’ll kill you thoroughly this time so that you may never ever be revived again! 」( Luser)

Taking advantage while I was in confusion, next time I will not repeat such mistakes again.

Luser healed his wounds using healing magic while floating a distorted smile. There is no trouble for me to cure a wound of this degree.

「 If it that guy, where would he go  ー」( Luser)

If he cannot use magic then, it is impossible for him to escape from this kingdom. He has no choice but to move using some special ways.

「 The Ceremonial Chamber 」( Luser)

The ceremonial chamber is where the “Summon Formation” is located and the access was granted by the Kingdom Monarch only.

The structure is similar to the “Metastasis formation” that enables the performing of teleportations.

With the knowledge of Iori, this is likely where he will be able to perform metastasis using the summon formation.

「 Amatsu, I’ll absolutely not let you run away! 」( Luser)

Just around ten minutes passed since then. In such a short period of time, it’s impossible for Amatsu to have left the palace already. He should still be around.

Right after that Luser dashed towards the door of the palace.

「 Hei! Is there anyone !? 」( Luser)

Reacting to Luser shouts, the nearby Knight came over to attend him. He commands the Knight to hastily rush towards the ceremonial chamber. With such an expression that was shown by Luser, The knight cannot interject him and just followed his order.

As Luser arrived at the ceremonial chamber the seal was already being cancelled. For the knight who came shortly after him, when he saw the seal he panicked while screaming “whats the meaning of this!”.

「 Shit..!!! 」( Luser)

「 Luser-dono  」( Knight)

Luser stepped inside chamber going between the seals.The inside was lighted and Iori was standing in the centre of the room.

「 Why is hero-dono in here……」( Knight)

「 How was the seal cancelled!? 」( Knight)

Looking at the figure of  the Hero, the knight was in a panic. When watching Luser which stepped inside, Iori’s calm expression did not break.

「 That was fast Luser  」( Iori)

The appearance of Iori who muttered this was greatly different from the one that meets up with Luser in the atelier.

He noticed that Iori was wearing high-quality magic clothes and had the treasure sword hung on his waist.

The items that were supposed to be kept in the palace Treasure Room.

「 You bastard……! 」 (Luser)

While observing Iori appearance, Luser noticed a stone laying near him. It wasn’t just a mere stone but is special ore that confined magical power in it, it was known as『Magic Stone  』

Even if someone doesn’t have magical power, anyone could use magic with the 『 Magic stone  』 as it  provided oneself with magical power. T/N should I use MP instead of Magical Power?

By using the 『 Magic Stone 』 Iori had interfered with the summon formation.

「 Amatsu, YOU BASTARD! Move from that summon position AT ONCE !!」( Luser)

「A    ー Amatsu!? Luser-dono what are you talking about……..」( Iori)

As expected, Luser realises that Iori intends to metastasize using the summon formation. The formation was already rewritten by Iori.

Realising that advance preparation had been made by Iori, Luser’s impatience grew and shouted the name of Amatsu unconsciously. Luser did not notice the Knight being surprised by it.

Iori with a cold expression and Luser with an irritated one were glaring at each other.

At that time.

「 What is this Luser ! What is the meaning of this !!」( Unknown)

Appearing in the ceremonial chamber is the King that was followed by more than a few Knights has stepped with “DOKADOKA”. And immediately noticed the existence of Iori, 「WHAT!? 」 the King raised his voice with a shocked expression.

「 Your Majesty, this……」( Luser)

Regarding the circumstances Luser panicked and tried to quickly make and excuse.

「 It was helpful Luser.Thanks to you I could solve the seal and learned to use the summons formation 」( Iori)

It was a completely different tone from the one full of hatred at the atelier. Iori was talking to Luser using a really friendly voice. The gaze of everyone in there, instantly moved towards Luser.

In that instant. The summons formation emitted dazzling brightness completely dyeing the ceremonial chamber.

「 ー we will meet again 」 (Iori)

Soon after having muttered so. The figure of Iori was swallowed by the light.

「 Wa-wait AMATSU!!」( Luser)

Though he was trying to cast magic immediately, it was already too late for him to do so. The figure of Iori vanished from the ceremonial chamber, leaving him helpless without being able to do anything. Everyone in the chamber was staring at the spot where Iori stood a while ago with faces that showed utter amazement.

It was the King that came to his senses first.

「 Luser! What is the meaning of this, and what is that about having you teach him how to solve the seal? (King’s)

The King’s approached Luser in a state of rage.

「  Tha……that is a misunderstanding Your Majesty  」( Luser)

While edging back, Luser was trying to make an excuse. “PATAPATA” Suddenly, a Knight entered the ceremonial chamber in haste.

「 Your Majesty! The seal of the treasure room has been cancelled by someone, and a lot of items being kept inside are gone!」( Knight)

「 What did you say!? 」( King)

「  The 『 Magic Stone 』, the treasured sword, magical garments and items that grant magical power, In addition, 『Magic Bracelet of Defense 』『 Magic Ring of Strength 』 that was among the national treasure that is also gone…..!」( Knight)

The King expression turned pale after hearing the reports.

The 『Magic Stone 』 provided the power source to light the palace and perform large-scale magic,  it was an important power source for various usage. Let alone the magical items, even the national treasure including  『 Magic Bracelet of Defense 』, is the valuable item that was inherited generation after generation by the kingdom monarch.

The plundering is really an unprecedented event.

「ー Luser 」( King)

Luser position as the Imperial Court Magician that participated in cancelling the seal of the treasure storage and the ceremonial chamber.  The seal can easily be solved only with the help of Luser. Of course, for that reason, he will be accused  ー.

「 P-please wait! I will discover the whereabouts of the Hero immediately!」( Luser)

With the current situation, Luser realised that he should use the summons formation to track Iori whereabouts. Then he moved to touch the formation and read the destination of where Iori went to.

Even with Iori’s knowledge, it was impossible for him to fully conceal his destination. Luser instantaneously tried to grasp where Iori metastasis destination went to.

「 Kuku…..!」(Luser)

That guy is still naive as ever.

While laughing in his heart, he tried to convince the King that he will able to grasp the metastasis location by touching the summon formation.

「  Wha  ー  ?  」( Luser)

As a “PARIN” sound was made, the summon formation broke into pieces and was scattered.

「  W-what th  ー!?  」

At that time, Luser noticed that the summon formation was being cast with 『 Self-destruction 』 magic.

If humans except Iori touched it, the summons position will break.

「 The ancient summons formation is……! Luser you bastard!! 」( King)

But only Luser understood what happened to it. From others viewpoint, Luser seems to have broken the summon formation.

「 To broke the seal of the treasure room and the ceremonial chamber, then let the Hero escape. Besides that, even to destroy the summon formation, What are you thinking about!? 」( King)

「 You are wrong, Your Majesty! I’ll never do such things! Everything was done by Amatsu….that guy alone!! 」( Luser)

As Luser’s mouth keep mentioning 『Amatsu  』 name unconsciously this had been noticed. The friendly attitude of Iori toward Luser, parting with words such as “thanks to you I could solve the seal, and learned how to use the summons formation”.

Luser which shattered the summons formation seems to totally try to cover it.

As for him, that keeps mentioning the name of his former companion『Amatsu 』. By still to referring Iori as Amatsu, of course, it makes him seem like an accomplice.

「 Seize Luser right NOW!!」( King)

Inside the Rite of Passage, the King order echoes. The instant Luser was trying to make some excuse in a hurry, the Knights rushed. The helpless Luser was being pinned down on the ground.

「A…….Arghhhh!」( Luser)

At that moments, Luser finally noticed. That he was trapped by Iori.

「 DAMN IT…Arghhhhhh!!」( Luser)

Luser scream echoes inside the ceremonial chamber.

As I remember the scene during the transfer, I laughed a bit.

「 I was really lucky that he arrived at the right time 」( Iori)

It was a light idea, but I didn’t think it will go well to that extent. Despite just putting on an act,using such a friendly tone and talking to that guy, it makes me feel like vomiting.

From that development, probably at this time, Luser must be thoroughly investigated by the King. If it becomes an issue, the highest possibility is that he will be thrown into the prison.

Considering that, the sudden disappearance of metastasis light made it possible to see.

When I opened my eyes, I was standing in a dark cave.

The ground and wall made of rock which makes “gotsugotsu” sound, As space was being lit up there is the countless particle that rises into the air.

「 I succeeded    」( Iori)

By rewriting the metastasis formation it’s possible to move to a distant place instantaneously. It’s a technique of summoning position. Although it was constructed in a hurry, I was able to arrive at the destination safely. My purpose in that palace can be said to be already accomplished, except my revenge against Luser.

After leaving the magic atelier, I went to the treasure room first. Solved the seal and took some items from inside there.

There’s a large quantity of 『Magic Stone  』  being stored by the Kingdom. Items such as a robe that grants magic defence and the treasure sword with a large quantity of magical power. A pouch which has 『 Storing Magic  』,which enables the user to store items in large quantities.

Then I also took  『 Magic Bracelet of Defense  』  and 『 Magic Ring of Strength  』 those were stored securely.

『 Magic Bracelet of Defense 』 reduces the damage received by the wearer.

『 Magic Ring of Strength  』 has a magic power that increases the strength of the wearer.

Both have considerable value, they’re magic items that strengthen the wearer greatly. It was written in the documents that I saw in the library, both were designated as national treasures. It will be an uproar at this time if they noticed that all of them had been stolen.

In addition, I stole some necessary tools to take my revenge.

It would be the best to use one of those on Luser, but let’s think about it later.

I should be able to regain some war potential by equipping these magic items, although this is still way lower than my former power.

That’s why I made my way in during the rite and changed the use of the summons formation to metastasize. In the process, I rearranged it to disintegrate if somebody else touched it.

I rewrite it using the magical power that was supplied by the 『Magic Stone  』.

The treasure room has been plundered, and the summons formation used to come to the kingdom was broken.

It’s regrettable that I can’t watch what happens to Luser right now.

「  Now…  」( Iori)

Right now, I need to check my current location…. No doubt, there’s no mistake in my destination.

「 The structure has not changed that much since the last time I came here 」( Iori)

The labyrinth which was on the edge of the kingdom known as『Labyrinth of Hades 』. TL sorry with the bad naming because it can be interpreted as『Labyrinth of Hell 』  or   『 Labyrinth of Basement  』.

The foothold of the Maou forces, where a lot of demons gather.

In the past, I have overcome the labyrinth along with my companions. During the last three decades, the Maou seems to have remade it.

Why did I come to such dangerous place?

It is   ー to regain the power of the Hero.

[The Proof of Hero] on my right arm hardly functions right now. For some reason, the means to use my magical power seems to have been blocked.

If I want to make “it” function properly, I have no choice but to take magical power in large quantities and make the “proof” start by force.

I intended to do something using a 『Magic Stone  』 but is still not enough to do so. It seems that a much greater quantity of magical power is necessary, more than I originally thought.

Therefore I had my eyes on this labyrinth.

There is a mass of magical power known as  『 Labyrinth Core  』 installed in the most inner part of the labyrinth. And this labyrinth is filled with a gas called 『Demonic Miasma  』 that helps to spawn the demons.

「 Once I obtain the 『Labyrinth Core  』 , I will regain my former power   」( Iori)

For that purpose, I came over to this 『Labyrinth of Hades  』.

「ーーー」( Iori)

I remember the dream that I had just a while ago. I wanted to make a peaceful world where all races coexist at the end of the war.

I remember the face my companions laughing at that dream.

ー You just came from another world, trying to save this world? Don’t you think you’re being absurd?

ー It was only you who fought with such an aim, only YOU.

ー It was something that could only be seen in a dream when you sleep, no?

「 I’ll make them regret 」( Iori)

To Luser, Dionis, Lucifina and the demi-humans that betrayed me.

「 Therefore, I need the power for it 」( Iori)

A power to massacre those demi-humans.

A power to kill Luser.

A power to kill both Lucifina and Dionis that currently belong to the Maou forces.

As for the method to return to my original world, I should just think about that after I attain my revenge.

「 For that reason, I must attain the  『 Labyrinth Core  』」( Iori)

It’s necessary to go to the most inner part to obtain the 『Labyrinth Core  』. There will be many demons along the journey, and the Mazoku that protects the 『 Labyrinth Core  』 will wait to guard the Core.

I just need to breakthrough it quickly and complete my objectives.

「  I should get going  」 (Iori)

After verifying my future (later) objectives, I stepped into the labyrinth.

Author: A heroine will appear soon.

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