Episode 3 『 The Threatening Back Stabing Gaze 』

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By using the Adventurer Guild they perform dangerous jobs such as demon extermination, labyrinth and bandit subjugation, their work can also be intepereted as a mercenary profession.

According to the book which I read in the kingdom,a plan to establish Adventurer Guilds in other countries is already being proposed, but currently the profession of adventurer can be found only in the Federations.

Due to its nature of performing such dangerous jobs, one must go through severe examination in order to become an adventurer.

Its said that in order to obtain the adventurer status a lot of people came from the surrounding countries to take the examination.

Besides, to join with the regular labyrinth subjugation corps and entering the Labyrinth of Purgatory I’ve registered with the Adventurer Guilds.

I reached it not long after I went out of the shop.

It was a grandiose and the largest building in comparison to its surrounding buildings.

「  So this is Adventurer Guild. It sure is big, huh  」( Elfi)

Because its a building where adventurers gathered, the interior is vast for such a reason.

There is a bar where the adventurers exchange information among them and the bulletin board where the request is being posted and the receptionist counter.

There seem to be various facilities provided here.

Due to so many adventurers gathered, the atmosphere created in the guild is quite crude.

「  But it sure is troublesome, for the labyrinth to be only accesible to adventurers  」(Elfi)

「  The reason is to prevent someone lacking considerable power to enter the labyrinth. Even though there were a lot of people challenging the labyrinh as a trial in the past  」(Iori)

To us who stepped inside, the adventurers sharp stares were pointed at both of us.

Probably we look like a weird pair of them because most of the adventurers that I saw here are  adults with robust figures.

Most of them are men with a big build.

Of course it will attract their attention if a boy and girl nonchalantly enter such premise.

*BOSOBOSO* in a subdued voice that seems to speak ill of us, a man with full body armor is murmuring something to his group.

And a man that wore a full-faced helmet silently turned his gaze toward us.

I’m sure he was a demi-human as I turn my sight toward him.

With a smirk the adventurers throw their lascivious gazes at Elfi’s body,that can clearly be seen in their eyes.

「  Should I glare back at them with my demon eyes?  」(Elfi)

「 Bear with it because it could create an explosion if you did that  」(Iori)

We went through various procedures before we lined up at the front desk.

After that we lined up at the right end that seemed to be a reception desk for adventurer registrations.

During my first time I hardly dropped in, but as expected from a place known as a guild.

Where the crude adventurers exchanges information among them in a bar as they appraise the newcommers.

*ZAWAZAWA* murmuring sounds can be heared and I focus a bit of my concentration at it.

「  Because,   ー  right?  」

「ー  The mercenary seems to participate in the subjugation  」

「 ー, yesterday was it? A document to subjugate the labyrinth has been put out  」

The information that I hear.

「   Gezz, I really can’t bear those wolf beastman  」

「  Just keep it down. Someone might hear that  」

Among what I heard there was a word that piqued my interest.

The wolf beastmen.

My main objective which draws me to this city.

The race of my betrayer is a wolf beastman.

When I’m trying to see whether I can get more information from those talks when I’ve focus my consciousness toward those adventurers, suddenly.


ー  It feel like there’s someone gazing at me.

A gaze that is trying to see trough me.

Is it the pursuer from the kingdom?

The moment when I was about to look back *PA*.

「  Otto~   」T/N Ops

Suddenly, something bumped into me.

When I turned my sight, standing right there was a man that wore full body armor.

「……What?  」(Iori)

「  Don’t “What?” with me. If you’re going to become an adventurer for fun you’d better scram right now. Its not a place for a scrawny brats, and becoming an adventurer isn’t for half-hearted ones, ya hear  」

He said that in a irritated manner while trying to threaten me with his full body armor.

For us that look just like kids to suddenly barge in here,it isn’t something they can bear with, huh.

「  How about you try to get used to it and everything should settle with the guild eximinations, right? Anyway you have no right to meddle in my business  」(Iori)

「  Hah, is that so. Then the examination that you’re gonna take, I’ll be looking forward to it?  」

With a slight smile on his face the man with full armor on his body walks away to the inner side of the guild.

「  As expected I should use my Demon Eyes  」(Elfi)

「  Stop it  」(Iori)

After a while, our turn has come.

「  Next one please   」

The receptionist gives an explanation about the requirement to take the examination and the works of a adventurer to us.

Adventurer is near the profession of a mercenery by undertaking a request that is send to the guild.

Searching for medicinal herbs, bandit subjugation, labyrinth subjugation and every one of those jobs can be separate into more specific ones.

According to the requests,from the content, there is also danger to being an adventurer and due to that they should take the risk of losing their lives into consideration, too.

Because of such things.

For such a profession that is exposed to a lot of danger, taking the examination is the requirement during the registeration before one becomes a full-fledged adventurer.

The examination is to measure the battle capacity of an examinee.

The examinee will fight against the full-fledged adventurer and the examination result will be judged during the process.

After the explanation is over we are directed to go to the inner side of the guild.

We pulled ourselves together and headed toward the venue.

The weapon for the battle examination is loaned out by the guild or fight using you own magic.

The use of magic items and magic stones is prohibited during the eximination.

Firstly you will be instructed to choose your weapon.

For me, I choose my usual one-handed sword.

By the way, Elfi didn’t choose any weapon.

The match is divided into two at the hall,as four person will start at the same time.

Elfi and me have split separately.

「 The next one please get ready  」

After a while, my turn has come.

My opponent is an adventurer that belongs to the adventurers guild.

The examiner will give an evaluation and the result arcording to the match.

「  Yo~  」

The opponent that appears in front of me was the man that used full body armor from before.

Apparently, the adventurer seems to be cooperating with the registration.

「  Hah, are you dreaming to become an adventurer with that scawny body of yours. But you still have the guts from before, right? Then let me check those guts of yours  」

「  My pleasure  」(Iori)

I move to the position indicated by the judges leisurely.

The man with the full body armour seemed like a mage.

He discarded his agility and wears an armor to prevent being damaged, so I conclude that he is a shooting type mage.

「 Then both sides please prepare yourself  」

Our distance from each other is not too far.

It can be covered if I dash forward immediately.

But my opponent is a mage.

At this distance its the matter of who makes his first move, that will conclude the result of the match.

「 You already chickened out, Oi」

「 If you want to back out you should do it now, ya hearー!?  」

As the adventurer keeps taunting, he observes me, I ignore it and fix my eyes on him.

My opponent is a mage and he should have a trick up his sleeve.

To be able to use my magic, I adjusted a bit of my magic power and I should try it here, huh.

「  Then get started!  」

A judge raised his hands and gave a command.

「  ー Magic Usurpation  」(Iori) T/N it can be read either「Magic Canceller  」

I use the skill simultaneously when my opponet started to chant his magic.

I manage to properly catch his chant timing.

Its a skill to take magical power from my opponent and abolish the magic forcibly.

Just now it worked perfectly to a degree that it scattered my opponet magical power instantly.

「 Wh,what? My magical power is……! 」

As his magical power scattered he leaks a suprising voice.

While he keeps his sight looked at me and my wooden sword.

At that moment, without wasting my chance.

「  Gu, Ooh~  」

By using his weight I simultaneously throw him to the ground using his own weight to the weight of his armor.

Then I’ve placed the wooden one handed sword in my hand on his neck where the gap of his armour was.

If it was a real fight this man would’ve surely died on the spot.

「  Eh……」

Only around five seconds have passed.

As for the other adventurers that were rooting for him before,they are just able to make a surprised expression now.

「  That’s enough!  」

Due to what happened even the judge delayed to raise his voice.

It seem the examination has already ended.

「  What happened with the magic just now. Do you know what happened just now?  」

「  N,no……actually, it just happened too fast and it kinda looked like a beast or something  」

Judging from the suprising condition of the adventurers, it seems the result will be good.

But I don’t know the result because I never landed a hit on the adventurer, I might pass the test.

At that instant *BON* an explosion sound came from my rear side.

As I turn to my back, I saw the opponent of Elfi already fainted on the ground.

And Elfi herself was folding her arms with the expression “Of course this is natural for me/triumph” on her face.

Somehow it also has ended on her side.

「……Tsk  」

The man with full body armor that was laying on ground clicked his tongue as he raised his body.

「  Don’t get full of yourselfs, Brats  」


As I saw his eyes between his helmet slits.

I’ve grabbed my sword tighter as I felt strong pressure from him.

With such seriousness, I quickly try to see through him but the full armour man walks away.

……Whats with that bastard.

As I narrow my eyes at his diminishing back, I’ve handed over my place to the next examinee.

「  The result of the examination will be announced the day after tomorrow. Therefore, please come back to the adventurer guild on that day.  」

With those explanations we’re done with our examination.

Perhaps, I can say that from the look of the adventurers, we pass this test.

It seems that you may think it’s a pass without complaints when you triumph over the adventurer that is your opponent.

As I felt the gazes from the surrounding adventurers, me and my partner exited the guild.

「  With this our business here today is done, right? Iori, I feel hungry  」(Elfi)

「  Geez, I get it. Let’s have some proper meal somewhere and afterward let’s return  」(Iori)

While having such a talk during our walk.

「 Oi human, to be able to defeat an adventurer with such caliber try to not get full of yourself because of that, ya hear  」

*ZUITTO* our path is being blocked.

From what I saw, there’s wolf ears attached on the head of this bad looking guy    ー   those wolf beastmen stand here blocking our path.

「  I’ve never felt such things   」(Iori)

「  Haa? Don’t make that “Everthing has been settled” face, KORA. It’ll take me no time to deal with such cocky brats like you  」

Such a troublesome guy.

Today I’m involved with quite a few troublesome guys, huh.

「 Ojou-chan right there is quite a good mage herself, huh. We’ll be glad if you could accompany us to our place, alright? We won’t do something bad to such a pretty Ojou-chan, ya know? Okay?  」

「……Hou? 」(Elfi)

「  Let’s go Elfi  」(Iori)

I’ve pulled Elfi with me and started walking but she’s just tilting her head while letting out her low puzzled voice.

I’ll just waste my time handling such small fries like them.


The wolf beastman extended his hand as he grabbed me by the collar.

It’s really troublesome.

So its finally time for me to settle this for once, huh.

「 That’s enough! Such a troublesome one, huh. *NECHINECHI* persitently picking a fight with no reason, what’s your problem  」

Then a hand which extended from the side has grabbed the arm of the wolf beastman.

Its a cat beastman woman that wore an eye patch on her right eye.

Judging by her equipped armor that focuses on agility, I’ve understood the atmosphere she’s giving just from my experience.

「  O,oi Misha. Stop it  」

A woman that seems to be her companion told her stop but she ignored it while sending her glare toward the wolf beastman.

「……You bastard again, huh  」

「  That’s my line  」

「……Tsk  」

Probably pressured by her seriousness, the wolf beastman clicks his tongue and walks away.

Haa~, she sighed with relief as she stopped her glares toward those guys.

「……Thanks for that   」(Iori)

「  Don’t worry about it. Its just that I really dislike those conceited fellas  」

When I express my graditute to her, she replied those word while snorting.

That man said   「……You bastard again, huh   」, how many time did they clashed with each other before.

「  A~ah……did Misha got into a fight with those wolf beastman again  」

「  Shut up. As if I can stay in silence after I see what happens, right  」

Somehow when her pale faced companion said that to Misha, she retorts her back, then that woman give us some advice.

「 Both of you are still new in this city, right? As for what happened just now, try not to involve yourself with those who belong to the wolf beastman. In this city they always do whatever they like  」

「 Do whatever they like……? 」(Iori)

Are they always picking a fight with everyone like what they did right now, is it?

「 If it turns violent, doesn’t the guard gonna meddle in?  」(Elfi)

Elfi asked the question that I was about to say

If such problem occurs wouldn’t it be better to let the proper organisation to deal with it?

「  You see, that’s……」

「  It’s bad to discuss this matter out here. Misha its time for us to go  」

Misha’s being pushed by her friend when she was going to answer the question.

Misha said   「  there’s   」  as she squinted her eyes.

「 Anyway, try to not involve yourself with those wolf beastman as much as possible and

till then!  」

As she left us those words she walked away with her companion.

「  Those wolf beastman, they should be thankful to that cat beastman  」(Elfi)

Elfi muttered by herself as her back faced toward me.

「  We almost…, no its not “we” is it?  」(Iori)

「  The wolf beastman that laid his hands on you, you were actually about to break his arms weren’t you?  」(Elfi)

「……Aa   」(Iori) T/N or can read as 「……Yeah  」

That’s true, if he didn’t backed off then I would’ve probably did that.

I don’t intend to put my hands on the unrelated people, but if they’re trying to interfere with my revenge I won’t show them any mercy.

Even if they are an adventurer or the “Death God” himself, if they get in my way I’ll surely kill them.

「  Then fine. Now that the registration is over, let’s go eat that “Volcano Roasted” right now Iori!  」(Elfi)

「  Haa ~…… 」(Iori)

Well it seems that our stomachs were empty and its about time we eat something.

As I let out a sigh, I try to catch Elfi’s pace from behind.

「――――  」(Iori)

Just now I felt like someone gazed at me again.

The gaze that I felt just now is different from before.

It was a glare mixed with hostility.

I’ve turned my sight toward the gaze, but there are just groups of adventurers there and I can’t tell which one among those groups.

Either its a pursuer from the Kingdom or from the Maou forces, its an enemy who I don’t know at all.

「…… It is troublesome, huh  」(Iori)

I followed Elfi from behind while raising my precaution.

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