Episode 13 『Former Hero and Former Maou』



The robe of the Imperial Court magician.

It’s a robe that is especially made by the kingdom for the Imperial Court magician.

But the one worn by Luser was heavily remodeled with multiple arts/techniques being engraved on it.

「It was impossible to remove this robe. If its being removed forcefully, it might explode」(Elfisuzaku)

With a difficult expression, Elfisuzaku who looked at the robe of Luser said so.

There’s a lot of magic residing all over Luser’s body, after she examined it.

Its a number that includes healing magic, defence magic and reflection magic.

It was an excessive quantity,impossible for Elfisuzaku to do something about it.

「Is it impossible for you to do something with it?」(Iori)

「Yeah. The magic is interlocked complicatedly, and it can’t be released by the current me」(Elfisuzaku)

「……that’s fine. Even without the robe, I’ve lots of means to kill this guy」(Iori)

Such as, drowning him in the river by tying him up.

Or inflicting some wound that won’t kill him, instead let him die by blood loss.

I may force him to drink a slow acting poison, too.

It will troublesome preparing the magic stone to use 【Magic Break】, I might be able to kill him by making full use of the explosion lag that is created by it.

But, Elfisuzaku shook her head for disapproval.

「You should stop it. Try looking at this」(Elfisuzaku)

Elfisuzaku turned over the robe and pointed to the other side.

On the back of the robe, a magic type and magic formula is engraved heavily.

「Even if there are lots of troublesome devices, I admit that is impossible for the current me to solve this now.」(Iori)

「You’re wrong. Look carefully. Its assembled with multiple types of magic and magic formations, as 『One way system』」 (Elfisuzaku)

To hear the words of Elfisuzaku which exercised her devil eyes, I finally noticed.

There’s dozens of arts/techniques being combined and being constructed into one way system.

「What……is this」(Iori)

When I saw the self-destroy formation, I was shocked after I saw an ominous quantity of magical power residing on it.

However, this was not as simple as it seems.

Precisely, I get goosebumps by looking it. It was something that would take several years, even for Luser to accumulate this amount of magical power.

I’ve never seen this technique once, even during my long journey back then.

「”Karma of Reverse Burial”……It a magic to control the cause and effect.『Cause of Death』It’s a technique to inflict the same damage to the other person in return to the damage that the practitioner receives.In brief, its a magic that will take everything together with you after you kill yourself」(Elfisuzaku)

If I try to recall it, Luser never had such magic before.

I can assert that even during the time when I was able to use the magical power of the “Marks/proof”, I’m not sure if I can handle such magic.

「Considerable magical power resistance is necessary, to defend against it. Not to mention Iori, even me myself can’t withstand it」(Elfisuzaku)

I’ve got very limited knowledge about the existence of such magic. If that is the case, then this is.

The magic that is not being practiced at the present age anymore, an existence considered being lost.

「……its a “Lost Magic”,huh」(Iori)

「That’s right, To think that he was able to use such magic………as far as I know, only the subordinate of Ortegia known as “Death God” is able to use it」(Elfisuzaku)

It was the name that I’ve never heard before.

I’ve defeated the Five Great Demon Lords and King Four Devas once, but I’ve never encounter that “Death God” fellow once.

「……are you telling me that Luser learned this from that fellow?」(Iori)

「I’m not sure. Either this man obtained it by himself or it was taught to him.…… but, it doesn’t change the fact that it is very troublesome magic itself」(Elfisuzaku)

「……Damn it」(Iori)

I thought that he’s just a scum, I’ve never thought that he would go this far.

With self-destroy magic and even the lost magic,he really is a troublesome guy.

「……Well, that’s fine」(Iori)

Before killing him, there’s something I want to do first.

I want to know about the truth behind the betrayal by using the magical item that I stole from the treasure storage. It needs a proper place to use it, but it’s a best tool to be used on Luser right now.

I wasn’t able to use it on Luser before because I got no opportunity to do so.

「……It was really helpful for me that he came to the labyrinth himself. Thanks to that, I’m able to use this」(Iori)

From the pouch, I took out a golden knife.

It was one of the magical items that I stole from the treasure storage.

「Is it 『Golden Sword of Probing』?」(Elfisuzaku)


Golden Sword of Probing.

When struck into the target subject, it has the effect to investigate specific memory from the subject. But it will lose its effect after a one time use. That is why, its a considerably rare magic item.

「ーThe thing that I’m looking for is the memory related to the traitors」(Iori)

This fellow stated that he was approached by Lucifina to murder me. Similar with those demi-humans that took part in the coalition but ended up being betrayed like him.

I’m going to verify the truth right now.

I specify the designated memory that I want to probe, while I thrust the knife into cross section of his amputated arm.


Right after that, the designated memory is sent from the blade into the handle.

『That fool trusts us completely. If its you, it’ll be easy for you to cut off his arm from the rear, right?』(Dionis)

『We’ll give you the signal. Luser-san you just need to follow it』(Lucifina)

『Ah, I got it. But I’ll be the one to who receive the honor for slaying the Maou』(Luser)

『Yes, let’s make a promise』(Lucifina)

From the flowing memory. I’ve seen the figures of Lucifina and Dionis, clearly.

『When he realizes that he’s been betrayed, What kind of pathetic expression will that person show? I can’t wait to see it』(Lucifina)

『I start to imagine that stupid face of Amatsu, you know. But after realising that he’s been deceived, It’ll be seriously hard to endure our laugh, right?』(Dionis)

『He won’t be suspicious of it, because he’s just a fool intoxicated by his ideal.

Oh well, its bad to deceive a fool, you know』(Luser)

Lucifina who was always gentle and smiled to everyone, had a smile tainted with desire and greed on her face.

Dionis that always had a carefree smile on his face, let out a malicious laugh.

Luser was laughing in high spirits that echoed throughout in the quite room.

Synchronous with the memory of Luser, my emotions start to flow with it.


Such as “How will we kill Amatsu”

“What will his reaction be towards the betrayal?”

“When that stupid face will be distorted by despair, Will I able to hold my laughter?”

The feelings that flowed are only malicious.

“The honor of slaying the Maou is mine, Amatsu is only a tool for me to use in order to obtain it”

“Therefore, you’re already unnecessary”

Such emotions and thoughts flow into me.


A scene was replaced, after the noise in my sight clears up. *T/N I think the noise that the Author implies are similar with old TV  that lost it signal.

The words of betrayal that were heard by Luser engraved in my brain.

Among those echoing voice, what I learned by hearing it was.

『Kill amatsu? that’s good. Because for some time, that guy existence is just an eyesore』

『Are you a surprised? For me the Maou and Hero, are just a nuisances that won’t bother me if both are gone, you see』

『Having both of the nuisances to disappear at the same time, huh. Yep, I got no objection to it. Let me cooperate by all means』

The people who helped me on my journey.

The people who approached me, that told me that they’ll lend their cooperation to me.

There were various demi-humans, tribal heads and the noble from the empire was in there.

『We will lend you our power to repay the favor for saving us』

『I want to cooperate to realise your ideal』

Saying so, the party that was approaching me says that while laughing heartily.

After that, everyone agreed with the rewards offered by Lucifina, from that they cooperated to restrict the army that was supposed to be my reinforcement.

『I’ve got a plan, to make sure that Amatsu will certainly be killed』

In order to kill me, everyone cooperated to organise the strategy.

There’s no one objecting to such a plan because everyone involved themselves willingly.

My precious companions.

Companions whom I trusted.

Everyone whom I wanted to protect.

The memory in which they were going to betray me, is carved deeply into my brain.

After I finished watching the memory which I appointed, my consciousness returned.

The Golden Sword of Probing which finished its duty, lost its effect in my hand.

「……Such things」(Iori)

Such as Gold and honor, to desire such things that badly,huh.

Did they badly needed it, to the extent of desperately wanting to kill me?

Hearing the stories is different from experience it yourself.

That foolish voice that was cursing me and those annoying laughing voices,are burnt into my head.

「Ahh……, I’ll kill every single one of them」(Iori)

Unaware that there’s liquid flowing on my cheeks, while I wipe it I throw out a laugh.


Luser which had a knife stuck into his wound was screaming in pain.

Although, its harsh on my ear, it was something that pleased my heart.

「I won’t kill you, yet」(Iori)

I whisper those words into Luser’s ear.

「If I simply kill you now, it won’t be revenge」(Iori)

I will make them regret betraying me from the bottom of their hearts.

I’ll use any means to make them realise that betraying me was their greatest mistake.

I’ll make them grovel on the ground trying to ask for forgiveness from the bottom of their hearts.

With that in mind, I’ll kill them.

「Till the time when I come to take your life, I’ll let you suffer from the pain of losing your right arm」(Iori)

I’ve took the magic stone and rolled it towards the dismembered Luser right arm.

Thus it explodes and scattered around, it was in the state where it is impossible to recover it by using any kind of healing magic.


Luser’s facial expression turned to despair.


「Yeah. Thats what I intend to do to you」(Iori)

As I feel satisfied with it, I scoop out the knife that’s been stuck deeply in his wound.

Without giving any screams, Luser fainted from the pain while letting out bubble foam from his mouth.

It is annoying that this gouging wound, will be closed by the healing magic granted by the robe.

「I’ll kill you for sure」(Iori)

I will kill both of the demi-humans and humans.

I’ll kill the Mages and the Knights, too.

Even if they are nobles or spies belonging to the Maou forces. If I got my hand on either of them, I’ll surely kill them.

「ーis that the reason to recover your power?」(Elfisuzaku)

Elfisuzaku who fell in silence till now, asked me a question.

「Yeah, that’s right. I need the power to extract my revenge. Towards my companions and those people that thought “You are already worthless and its time to kill you”, In order to monopolizes an achievement by himself, and those two who were spies from the Maou forces from the beginning. It is a masterpiece, right?」(Iori)

It was only me to have advocated an ideal of coexisting.

I feel the urge to vomit as I remember my innocent self.

「Elfisuzaku. Its the continuation of our talk from before. What is your reason to recover your power?」(Iori)

「ーIts vengeance」(Elfisuzaku)

It was a cold voice to the extent it made me shudder, just hearing her response to my question.

「I’ll kill those Mazoku that killed my subordinate. I’ll kill that laughing Onizoku guy along with that woman who sealed me. Lastly, I’ll kill that Ortegia」(Elfisuzaku)

After that, Elfisuzaku says.

「I will become the Maou once again」(Elfisuzaku)

It was a different tone from before, her voice now was filled with murderous intent in it.

That’s why those feelings of the hatred inside her stood out.

Yes, as expected.

She and myself are of the same kind after all.

「After I became the Maou, Afterwardsー」(Elfisuzaku)


「No……its nothing」(Elfisuzaku)

Elfisuzaku shakes her head and broke off her words

「As I thought, We’re similar, right」(Elfisuzaku)


The Hero who seeked the world peace and had been killed by his fellow companions.

The moderate Maou that had her subordinate killed and got sealed.

Although our standpoints were the opposite, our circumstances resembled each other so close its funny.

If its herー.

It was that time when such a thought floated in the corner of my head.

「”That’s why……this time” is what you said before」(Iori)

Her golden eyes, stared directly into my eyes.

「If you cooperate with me then I’ll cooperate with you. I’ll lend you my hand to extract your revenge then you need to lend your hand to extract my revenge」(Elfisuzaku)

The destination and the targets are the same.

In order to achieve revenge both of us must regain our powers.

「As long as you are my friend, I will never betray you」(Elfisuzaku)


The atmosphere given by her was the opposite of her playful attitude from back then.

With dignity to the extent it could make one’s body tremble, she said.

「Come with me ー”Former Hero”」(Elfisuzaku) * T/N this line could be read as 「Join meー”Former Hero”」

I stretch out my hand towards the Former Maou who said those words.


I came to realise. That the labyrinth was strengthened, I can’t defeat the Demon Lords with the current me. Even if I arrange my equipment, there a limit of what I can do by myself.

If you can’t do it alone, you should take any help that you can get. In the present conditions, even if there’s no trust I’ve allied with someone that has great affinity with me.

I stare directly into golden eyes in front of me.

Then as I remembered “You’re unnecessary”, “Only you that had such Ideal” while they laughed at me. I made a promise with myself. I’ll do whatever it takes to extract my revenge towards them.

Then. I should use anyone I can, to achieve that.

Even if there’s no trust, as long as the common interest was there. With the same place and the same purpose, I won’t be betrayed easily.

I make a friend, and accept the risk of being betrayed.

In order to extract my revenge.


I take the hand of Elfisuzaku.

「I’ll be in your care, “Former Maou”」(Iori)

After putting the necessary things into the pouch. I collapse the pathway towards the metastasis formation. After Elfisuzaku poured her magical power into the metastasis formation it begins to shine.


Elfisuzaku was in a good mood as she got on the metastasis formation.

As both of our body were covered by the light emitted by the metastasis formation.

I turned my gaze towards the room in which Luser rolled before it was completely covered.

「Luser. Next Dionis and Lucifina」(Iori)

Everyone that betrayed me.

Just you wait.

I’ll come to you.

I’ll make you regret betraying me.

In the following instant.

Our figures disappeared from the labyrinth as we teleported using the metastasis formation.


“The Former Hero” and “The Former Maou”.

Both of their journeys begun, as their paths crossed with each other.

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  2. I really like it that he didn’t kill luser
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    I like for him to be endless tortured of living with a crippled body
    giving him a bit hope, then finding it out later that it was hopeless
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    It is literal plot armour. We are force feed a worthless character because of arbitrary reasons based on the author wanting to keep this character instead of advancing the story. Stories have endings! They need it otherwise they grow stale and the viewership drops off. Mark Lawrence who wrote the Emperor of Thorns trilogy ended the series after three books because even though he could continue to write five more books the value would be less then the three by themselves. Alexorario had a good idea that makes this plot armour negligible and he probably thought of that within a minute of thinking on the matter. If you want to keep worthless characters make them worth something instead of a blank low-level child villain who exists to cry out loudly. It is the pace that I have a problem with. Every story needs to progress as we do in everyday lives. The end character needs to evolve into something either worse or better then when the character started otherwise what is the point of reading?

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    The quality increased by a lot from the first couple of chapters, and the story has gotten more interesting as well. Can't wait to see where this goes.


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  6. Would had chop off his balls then heal the bleeding, same for the tongue. Put in a thick rock into his anus and give him a couple of scars to his face and head in case there are mirrors around, then leave. That way he wont die, he can still walk and write with his left hand, so he can get back into the kingdom, if you just cut all his limps how is he gonna walk back home? He would die there by hunger and cause effect would curse you back.

    To start with, why even kill the traitors, that mentality is so easterner, here in the west killing would be considered too easy, too forgiving, We are too perverted to ever let such a traitor off with something as graceful as death…


  7. It’s been so long since this chapter was posted that most translators wouldn’t even care about comments on it… but… I do have some corrections that I’ll post anyway.

    [Luser was laughing in high spirits that echoed throughout in the quite room.]
    In this one “quite” should be “quiet”.

    Secondly, “seeked” isn’t actually a proper word in English, you should use “sought” instead.

    Thanks for the chapters.


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