Episode 11 『The Clue of The Betrayer』

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I had Elfi turn the corpses of Merwin and others into a cinder.

It can’t be helped that the smell of blood and burnt meat have stayed in the basement.

Just in case, both of us had completely got rid of our smell, camouflaging it by rubbing some oil on ourselves because there are demi-humans that have a keen sense of smell.

Because I have disposed of a number of people, it would become a problem as they will be treated as missing people for a while.

We leave no evidence behind and as long they didn’t probe into our memories, no one should find out that we did it.

「 Which reminds me, was there a hidden passage on that wall? 」(Iori)

It is the place where Merwin was going to run away to.

There may be something further down.

A pathway large enough for a person appeared after I pour my magical power into it

I’ll advance ahead after I isolate my presence.

Like any normal escape route, it leads outside.

Simple metastasis formations with each of them connected to the outside are laid out in several rooms.

This hidden underground passage and all those devices that he used, he really spent a considerable sum of money on all of these.

Inside the room, there was a spot where a magic barrier is being set up.

I break the magic barrier and enter inside.

「  It is like a study room……in here  」(Iori)

「  So the one above is just a camouflage, huh? 」(Elfi)

The chair, table and the decorated furniture being used look like it would cost a considerable amount of money.

When I browse and search the documents placed on the desk, the shady works that Merwin did were written in it.

The fact that he’s connected with the national council seems to be true because there are also several things that show his involvement in it.

「 Fumu, it’s really pitch black. If this document is brought to light it would cause an uproar 」(Elfi)

If I found this evidence earlier and have scattered it around, Merwin might lose his standing. There was a scenario where he…… falls into ruin, too. By reading it now, it would be useless because I already achieved my revenge.

It will be fine if I leave it alone.

「 Hmm……」(Elfi)

Elfi is looking through the blank notepaper placed on the desk.

Because there was nothing in particular that piqued my interest, I decided to search through another place.

「 As expected, he amassed a great amount of it  」(Iori)

When I open the safe with magic, there are magic stones in it.

It isn’t the one sized like a fist which I have but it is about the size of a small pebble.

Even so, it should become a considerable amount of money if I realise it.

I’ve stolen quite an amount of money from the Kingdom already and for the moment money isn’t something necessary for me.

「……Ah! That’s right  」(Iori)

I throw the magic stones into my pouch after a way to use it has come into my mind.

Because of what he did, I’ll make him take responsibility by using his money.

Then during several minutes when I search through the room, there was nothing particular that had piqued my interest in this room.

He said that he was connected to the Maou forces, but there is nothing particular related to it.

It was the time when I was done with searching through the room.

「 Iori come here 」(Elfi)

Unaware that Elfi has invoked her Demon Eyes, she called me while holding the blank notepaper in her hand.

For some reason, she had a serious look on her face.

「 Is there something wrong? 」(Iori)

「 I’ve felt some magical power from this notepaper and when I see it using “Demon Eyes examination” there was complex seal used on it 」(Elfi)

By a glance, it looks just like some ordinary notepaper.

However, now that she mentions it. It’s certainly giving some uncomfortable feeling.

The real nature of this uneasiness seems to be magic.

「 Could you read it? 」(Iori)

「 Yes. What was written in it seems to be related to you, too 」(Elfi)

After she said so, Elfi began to read the letter.

When the contents are summarised, it’ll be something like this.

Somehow the “Hero Amatsu” is still alive and in addition I’m gonna side with the Mazoku and kill him.

Because he might bring damage to the Maou forces if he’s being left alone, that’s why I will dispose of him myself and I want you to convey my deeds to Ortegia.

Then as evidence, I’ll pass his corpse to you once we meet personally.

I’ll be sending my messenger to you.

The name of the recipient of the letter appeared only once in the sentence.

「 His name is  『 Beltoga  』 and it seems to be an underling of the Maou force coming to this town, huh  」(Elfi)

When I heard that name, I held my breath.

「  Nevertheless, that wolf beastman really intended to kill us from the very beginning. Good grief, they really underestimate us……Iori what’s wrong?  」(Elfi)

「 I probably know that man called Beltoga  」(Iori)

「  What did you say?  」(Elfi)

In those Onizoku, there was the man with the same name.

It was a subordinate of Dionis, that I’ve talked with just before the last decisive battle.

After that ――.

「 He’s one of the betrayers who I saw in the memory of Luser  」(Iori)

Perhaps, it’s just some Mazoku with a similar name and that Onizoku might be a totally different person.

「 But if he was that person himself, I will certainly kill him 」(Iori)

This Beltoga should probably still be somewhere in this town.

There is also a possibility that he’s in the Labyrinth of Purgatory.

Probably he’s going to protect the labyrinth together with the Flame Demon Lord because currently the subjugation force is being assembled.

「 Elfi, let’s go. It’s about time we get out of here  」(Iori)

I’ve obtained my vengeance.

In addition, I even got the clue to my next target.

I couldn’t ask for more because it’s already bearing fruit.

「 Uh-huh, I understand  」(Elfi)

We left the mansion of Merwin under the cover of darkness,  the same way when we came.

One day has passed after the Blacksmith was burnt down.

When the sun has begun to rise.

A mage came over to Zoorutsu sickroom where he was being hospitalised for his serious burns.

It is a prominent healer in the Hot Spring City.

The healer has some considerable ability and to acquire his/her service will cost a considerable amount of money.

Misha which snuggled up to Zoorutsu told the healer that she couldn’t afford to pay the remuneration.

However, the Healer shook his/her head and answered  「 I already got the money by payment in advance  」.

In the end, the healer performed the treatment on Zoorutsu in the presence of Misha.

The severe wounds due to the burn can’t be healed just by some Intermediate Healing Magic.

Just as it is, the aftereffects would remain.

However, this healer can use up to the Advanced Healing Magic

By chanting a long aria, the healer invoked Healing Magic.

Light pours into the part wrapped by the bandage and heal the burn.

After that.

In just several minutes, the wounds of Zoorutsu have been approximately completely cured.

As for the doctor who saw the wound, it’s to the extent that he guaranteed that Zoorutsu can be  discharged from hospital whenever he wants.

Misha bowed her head to the healer many times as she showed her gratitude to him/her.

「 Who on earth paid the money?  」(Misha)

The healer answered the question in this way.

「 It is the duo of raven-black haired boy and the girl with silver hair 」(Healer)

Misha which saw off the healer was left is in utter amazement.

She let out a relieved breath after she looked at Zoorutsu that was currently sleeping peacefully unlike earlier.

「……Hmm?  」(Misha)

Then, she noticed that there’s a leather bag which wasn’t there till then is placed beside the pillow of Zoorutsu.

When she took it in her hand to inspect it, the weight is being transmitted to her hand.

「 This is……」(Misha)

What was inside is a great amount of gold coins and a letter which says   「  Please repair the store with this  」

「 With this our job here is done  」(Iori)

We watched the healer as he/she left the hospital.

If it is that healer, then Zoorutsu will be all right.

After exiting the mansion of Merwin , we have been looking and applied a request for a healer that could heal the wounds of Zoorutsu.

I paid the request using the share of magic stone which I turned into money.

Then, I left all the remaining money in Zoorutsu’s room.

With all that, he may rebuild his Blacksmith’s.

After all, the main cause of the fire that burned down the blacksmith has something to do with me too.

What I did is no more or less than to recompensate for it.

Moreover, I won’t have any problem with it because all of that was Merwin’s money after all, that fellow has most of the responsibility in all of this.

Yet, there’s plenty of things that remain to be done in this town but the matter related to Merwin has reached its conclusion.

「…… For the time being, Shall we return to the inn? I’m sleepy  」(Iori)

「 I’m hungry. Let’s go back and have something to eat  」(Elfi)

Thus we bought some food and returned to the inn.

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      1. To confirm that we need to see Elfi’s revenge, we’ve seen Iori’s conscience pangs about abandoning people but he is determined on revenge Elfi might be on the peaceful side or even bloodier than him.


    1. They don’t strike me as a laid back couple, more like bonny and clyde. like they’ll go on a journey exploring new lands or continue to beat/kill people indefinitely. Nice image though^^

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    1. Well, Iori’s kind for those who kind for him. He’s ruthless for those who betrayed him.
      Long story short, do not ever betray Amatsuki Iori.


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