Episode 11 『Her Story』

Edited by Oscarus

「  The truth is, the current me is just the head  」(Elfisuzaku)

Right after she came down to the ground, she just spurted out something unreasonable. As her circumstances to go to the labyrinth, I let her tell me what is her reason for which she wishes me to accompany her, but what did this fellow say?

「……do you mean “head only” is something like there’s nothing in it?  」(Iori)
「 That not what I MEAN! I didn’t say it like that and wait did you just tried to say that I’m an idiot? 」( Elfisuzaku)

Then Elfisuzaku began to explain it in the angry state.

When I summarise it.

The present Elfisuzaku had her body and magical power divided into five parts.
In here it’s only her head, and the other remaining parts were sealed in the other labyrinths.
It seems that was the reason why she is weakened.

「  As for being divided, didn’t you have all of it now? 」( Iori)
「 This is a body that I created using magic and it isn’t my original body. I’ll become the freshly-severed head if I remove this body, you want to see? 」(Elfisuzaku)
「 Well, no, it’ll shock me just by imagining it……」(Iori)

As for Elfisuzaku head, it was sealed in this Labyrinth of Hades.
Exactly today, the seal was solved by her own strength and it seemed that she was trying to escape with just her head.
That was the reason why the Earth Demon Lord ran after her, huh.

「 That’s why I must go to the labyrinth to regain my sealed body 」(Elfisuzaku)
「 Sealed? On earth, how did that happen ? 」(Iori)

After killing me, did Luser and the others perform the seal?
No, I doubt that they would trouble themselves to seal it into five lord labyrinths.

At my question, Elfisuzaku had a thinking expression on her face, after that she opened her mouth.

「 Ortegia Van Zalfredo. Is the one that sealed me, the current Maou 」(Elfisuzaku)

Maou Ortegia.
The one that I had fought with before, The greatest enemy whom I had cornered and it was one last step left.
Moreover, he’s the one that was leading the Maou forces and the very existence that tries to destroy the humans.

「……Why did Ortegia seal you, Weren’t you with the Maou forces, too? 」(Iori)
「  Didn’t I already told you. That I’m already removed from the Maou Force 」(Elfisuzaku)
「 Assuming that is, why have you been sealed by the Maou itself? 」(Iori)

Hearing my question, Elfisuzaku let out a laugh that seems like she sneers at herself.

「 You know, Iori. Do you still remember my name?」(Elfisuzaku)
「……? AH 」(Iori)

Elfisuzaku Giraldo.
That should be her name.

「 ー  Elfisuzaku Van Giraldo. That should be the name that I used to introduce myself to you before  」( Elfisuzaku)

Why did I seem to remember something when I heard that name.
Elfisuzaku Van Giraldo.
On that Maou name too, it also has “Van” letter on it.

「  Did you actually 」(Iori)
「  Yeah  」(Elfisuzaku)

Elfisuzaku said with such eyes that seem like she had a faraway look in her eyes.

「  I was the “Former Maou”  」(Elfisuzaku)

In the past, I’ve heard it.
The title of “Maou”, is the title given to the strongest one in the Mazoku.
The mazoku whose defeated the Maou will be chosen to be the next Maou itself.

At that time, a red crest will emerge on him/her as the proof that one became a Maou.
It is called “Maou crest”.
Even I myself had seen the red crest on the body of Ortegia before.

「 This me is just a failure 」(Elfisuzaku)

Elfisuzaku says that to me seeming like she scorned herself.
On her body, there’s a “Black Crest” which lost its actual colour and had been carved.

When she was dragged down from the seat of the Maou, it seems to have changed colour from red to black.

「 It was only for several years that I gained the seat of the Maou. It was before, the human Hero Amatsu who appeared from the other world and had his name spread all over the world appeared 」(Elfisuzaku)

When I came to this world, Ortegia already became the Maou.

「 If I say so myself, I was in the moderate faction of the Mazoku. From the day when I became the Maou, I was going to suppress the war with the humans as much as I could   」(Elfisuzaku)

“Maybe some of them can’t stomach it” as Elfisuzaku muttered.

「 The Mazoku that desired the war including Ortegia had rebelled against me. At that time, I’ve lost against Ortegia and had been dragged down from the seat of the Maou  」(Elfisuzaku)
「 With that……Ortegia has become the Maou himself, huh 」(Iori)

I was summoned, as the attack from the Maou forces intensified.
It was said that there wasn’t any full-scale fight before that happened, and it was just to a degree of some minor skirmishes.
The replacement of the Maou from Elfisuzaku to Ortegia is probably the main reason.

「 Afterwards, that guy took my subordinates as hostage to force me to fight against the humans 」(Elfisuzaku)

She threw up a bitter voice.
Ironically that the former Maou who was moderate was forced to fight.

Oh, now I get it.
That is why she was not among the “King Four Devas”, huh.
It was a position that cannot be given to someone who had the possibility to rebel.

「 For several years, while becoming the subordinate of Ortegia I was waiting for an opportunity to save my friends and start my retaliation against him 」(Elfisuzaku)

However, the opportunity didn’t come.
A person from the other-world was summoned and it was the “Hero Amatsu”

「 “If you kill Amatsu I might release the hostages” is what Ortegia told me 」(Elfisuzaku)

I know the result, too.
Elfisuzaku was defeated and could not kill me.

「 What happened after that? 」(Iori)
「 A human woman and Onizoku man. Someone knew as Lucifina and Dionis? Those two were your former companions, right?  」(Elfisuzaku)
「……Yeah  」(Iori)

I made an awfully unpleasant expression as Elfisuzaku said those names.

「……Beforehand I wanted to notify you. After murdering you, those two went over to the Maou forces. Right after those two drove the mage into critical condition, they laughed wholeheartedly 」(Elfisuzaku)
「!?  」(Iori)

……It seems that what Luser told me was the truth.

「 After that, I was dragged by those two to Ortegia. While watching me that was wounded all over, that guy said 『 Looks like your role is done  』」(Elfisuzaku)

Unnoticed, Elfisuzaku voice is trembling.
As she clenched her fist, she continued her words while giving blood lust facial expressions.

「 As for the hostage……my friend, was already killed a long time ago! THAT Ortegia was laughing all along, when he saw me fight against the humans!!」(Elfisuzaku)

“If you kill Amatsu I’ll release the hostage”.
From the very beginning, probably Ortegia didn’t have any intentions to keep the promise itself.

「 As I cried, that Onizoku man and the woman called as Lucifina looked happy from bottom of their hearts, and they were laughing at ME……!!」(Elfisuzaku)

Her trembling voice gradually grows louder.
From before she was always acting playfully and joking around, but now all I see from her are just strong emotions overflowing.
When I saw those emotions. I knew well the extent of her anger.

「  They said  『You are such a fool, the same as Amatsu  』 to ME!!  」(Elfisuzaku)

The blood lust that was emitted by her made me see an illusion where the world itself is trembling.


As she noticed that herself, Elfisuzaku let out a breath.

「……Elfisuzaku 」(Iori)
「……I’m sorry. I’ve become slightly too emotional 」(Elfisuzaku)

She rambles that as she suppressed her emotions.

「……Afterwards, the woman called Lucifina cut my body into five parts 」(Elfisuzaku)

When one becomes a Maou-class, they seem to not easily die.
Even if it’s killed, it’s possible to revive by taking some extent of time.
Therefore, in order to prevent Elfisuzaku from reviving, they divided her body and magical power.

「 Thus for me whose being divided, that woman sealed it using the life force of Ortegia] (Elfisuzaku)
「……Seal? Lucifina? 」(Iori)

I’ve never seen that fellow using such as sealing magic before.
The magic that Lucifina specialised in was “cutting”.
The one using barrier and sealing magic should be Luser.

……Did she hide the fact that she could use other magic?

「  Thus, I was sealed in the Five Lord Labyrinth. Until what happened before  」(Elfisuzaku)

In my head, all information was connected.

The reason why Elfisuzaku was in this labyrinth.
Why the Earth Demon Lord aiming at her.
Why she lost her power.

「  Therefore……in order to recover my power, I must dive into the labyrinths 」(Elfisuzaku)

Thus, I understood the meaning of her words, why she must go to the labyrinth.


Elfisuzaku has business in the same way as me in Five Lord Labyrinth.
Ironically, as for her purpose was the same as me  『  To regain my former power  』,too.

「……You, are you going to take your revenge against Ortegia?  」(Iori)

Such question has overflowed from my mouth unconsciously.

The circumstances of Elfisuzaku were resembling mine a little.
The me who has been betrayed by my companions, Elfisuzaku where her friend was killed and then she had been sealed.
Then,her reply to me is.

「  I’m  ー   」(Elfisuzaku)

At the time when Elfisuzaku was trying to gives her answer.

A chill ran through my spine.
I sensed that I’ve being aimed at by someone.

In reflex, I’ve dodged my body.

「ー!?  」(Iori)

Magic pierced at the spot where I’ve stood once.
At the same time, there are multiple human presences.
In great numbers, they surged into the room where we were.

There were well-built men that wore armours.
There are also some men that wore black robes while holding a cane.
In both of their chest was engraved the coat of arms of the kingdom.

The Kingdom Knights and the Kingdom Mages.

「……The people of the kingdom, huh  」(Iori)

Unnoticed, Elfisuzaku was already standing next to me.
Her eyes already turned to crimson blazes.

In front of us,  the Knights and the mages that were cautious at both of us, there’s a single man pass through them.
While swaying his black robe, with a heart pleasure expression shown on his face.

「KU, HAHAHA! Chasing after YOU was the correct answer after all !」(Unknown)

As I heard the person offensive words, I knew immediately the owner of that voice.

「What’s up, you seem fine, huh? A.M.A.T.S.U.K.I Iori-ku~n?」(Luser)

By saying that Luser’s laughed fiercely.

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