Episode 10 『Reap What You Sow』




The number of enemies is six people.

Not to mention Merwin, even the other five, I wont let any of them get away easily.

「 Do not get too cocky……Amatsuki Iori  」(Merwin)

The standby wolf beastman stepped forward as Merwin gave them the order in high spirits.

「 To do whatever you please even though you’re just some inferior species  」

「 I do not know what kind of magic it is, but try to not get full of yourself just because you had killed those guys that were waiting back there, you hear?  」

「 A pair of trash who couldn’t even become adventurers, heh  」

「 Unlike that old geezer, I’m gonna burn both of your bastards completely till none of your bones nor your remains are left behind  」

As four of the wolf beastman readied their weapons and one of them to be remain to protect Merwin.

Apparently, it appears that guy is something like their last trump card.

With a roar, the four beastman began their charge at the same time.

They have cut down their distance in the blink of an eye while moving in coordinated movement.

Because the wolf beastman belong to the races that are good at hunting, their movement is quite keen and nimble.

「 ――”Heavy・ Gravitation”  」(Elfi)

Despite just seeing the gravity produced by Elfi for the first time, they are able to dodge it.

Moreover, those guys scattered themselves separately in this wide room.

「  That fa――!?  」

I’ve slashed at the landing spot of one of those wolf beastman who aimed to jump there.

Although the wolf beastman tries to block it with the hatchet in his hand. But, that hatchet drops as I swiftly cut the wrist that was gripping it.

Then return the blade to cut off both his legs.

「 Gah, ArGhHHHH!?  」

My hand has adapted with the Long Sword of Jade more than I’ve expected.

Thanks to the “Body Reinforcement” the effect that I receive from the sword and “Body Reinforcement” that I invoke by using the magic stone, my body felt two times more lighter.

「  Humaaan!  」

One of the four wolf beastman readied his sword as he was approaching me.

「  “Sand   ・ Creation”  」(Iori)

As I’ve created sand using the magic stone, simultaneously

「 “Whirlwind”  」(Iori)

I’ve brought forth wind and blew the sand in my palm toward the approaching wolf beastman.

As the wolf beastman received the sand with his face, he had his sight distrupted and because of that his movement stopped.

By using that as my opportunity, I’ve cut off his leg to restrict his movement.

「 Leg, MEeee LEG ArGHHHH !?  」

Meanwhile, the other two of the wolf beastman are approaching Elfi.

Because they thought she was a mage, probably they think of winning by drawing close to her.

But that was a bad move.

「 This fellow……was not she a mage!?  」

「 How could she move……!  」

Elfi dodges the synchronised attack from both of the wolf beastman easily.

Even though she has a long-distance attack by using her devil eyes, more than that Elfi also has excellent physical ability herself.

「 Don’t underestimate me you mongrel  」(Elfi)

She evades the weapon of the wolf beastman skillfully and during those interval she uses small scale “Complete Destruction Explosion” as her counter attack.

It seemed that rather than getting close and getting exposed to the danger posed by the demon eyes, as aspected the wolf beastman move was to jump aside to avoid it.

「 Guh, ――”Fireball” 」

「  “Rock Bullet”  」

As both of them took some distance to invoke their magic.

The fireball and bullet of rock are being shot simultaneously.

It’s a bad move.

By invoking magic they had to stand idle for a moment.

「―― Sit down!  」(Elfi)

That instant, Elfi crushed both of the wolf beastman along with the magic that they shot.

Right after both of them had bend down to the ground, their bones were making “MISHIMISHI” creaking sound.

「 GaaAAhHH!?  」

「  GoEeEEH  」

It seems that several bones have been broken as both of the wolf beastman couldn’t move any more.

With this, it’s impossible for the four of them to fight anymore.

After that, its those two turn.

「 Y-you go suppress those two! While I get out from here!  」(Merwin)

「 WHA!? M~ME! Merwin-san but that!?  」

The wolf beastman was frightened with the figure of Merwin who tries to run away by himself and the figure of his defeated comrades.

Thus, Merwin starts running toward the wall which was in the rear.

Merwin was a type of mage that supports at the rear.

Because he’s not a type who bears the brunt in a fight.

It appears that part of him never changed till now.

Tries to abandon his comrades and escape at full speed.

「 Are you making fun of me by turning your back?  」(Elfi)

By using her demon eyes, the leg of the wolf beastman that was going to follow Merwin exploded.

The wolf beastman who just lost his leg is flopping on the ground.

「 What? What had GaaahH!? Please help meee~  」

As the wolf beastman grabbed the leg of Merwin who had ran ahead of him.

「 Tsk, didn’t I told you to hold them up……!  」(Merwin)

As he separated forcibly by landing a kick at him, Merwin finally reaches the wall of the room.

By cladding his hand with the magical power he touches the wall.

In the same way as the entrance to the basement, the path was opened when he poured magical power into it.

Do you think that I’m just gonna let you slip away?

「 The leader shouldn’t leave his comrade behind, ya know  」(Iori)

「  Eh!? IgyaaAAaa  」(Merwin)

The spare sword which I threw pierced the palm of Merwin who touched the wall.

Merwin let out a scream as his hand was stuck to the wall.

「 Finally, I’ve caught you  」(Iori)

I approach him quicky and throw him to the ground.

To make sure that he cannot run away, I stepped on one of his legs.

Thanks to the physical reinforcement, I can break off the leg of Merwin easily.

「  Eh!?……nOArGHh  」(Merwin)

Merwin shed tears and fainted with foam on his mouth.

「  Get up  」(Iori)

He finally came to his senses after I’ve broken off his other leg.

It’ll be troublesome if you are worn out this easily.

Because the revenge has just begun.

With the lost of their limbs, the six wolf beastman are now immobile.

I dragged everyone and gathered them at the center of the chamber.

「 Sorry Elfi, I need a little bit of time  」(Iori)

「 I don’t mind. Please do whatever you want  」(Elfi)

Elfi moves to watch from distance and keeps an eye on them to ensure neither of them behaves in doubtful ways.

I entrust her to kill them if there is any funny business showing.

「 I think all of you already understand that I’m gonna kill you after this  」(Iori)

Hii and scream broke out from the bunch who lies on the ground.

Merwin usual composure is gone, replaced only by a frightened expression on his face now.

That’s likely.

Because no one likes to die.

Even I didn’t like that.

Because I was deceived, betrayed and then killed, me myself didn’t like being told the reason why I had to be killed.

「 But I’ll feel sorry to slaughter all of you, if you do as I say I might reconsider it 」(Iori)

「  Wh-what I need to do  」

「 Please tell me! I’ll do anything!  」

They took the bait wonderfully.

「  The first thing is. The Zoorutsu incident, Does the guy who burned that blacksmith’s here? 」(Iori)

The moment when I gave up the question, the one who raised his voice first was the wolf beastman who was going to escape shortly after Merwin back then.

He was pointing toward the wolf beastman that lies across him.

「 It’s him! He’s the one that shoot the fireball and burned it! 」(Unknown)

「 Ga-Gail!  Don’t be stupid you motherfucker!  」(Unknown)

「  Shut up! Ted, You’re the one that burned the shop by instructions of Merwin-san! Even a while ago you were shouting that you’re gonna burn them like that old man, right! 」(Gail)

Somehow the wolf beastman which burned the blacksmith seems to be called Ted.

As his face turns pale, he fiercely curses at the wolf beastman called Gail who pointed at him.

I’ve been thinking what I’m gonna do if the culprit was among the ambushers that had been disposed by Elfi. Luckily it seem that he’s still alive.

「 I see, So you’re the one that did that, huh? 」(Iori)

「 Hii, p~please wait! It isn’t only me who has done it! O~oi Franz! You also cooperated with me, right! 」(Ted)

「 Huh? I’m only on lookout for people! It was you, the fucker that had burned it! You always lay the blame on others! Stop it already you motherfucker!  」(Franz)

Ted pointed at his friend again as he tries to put the blame for his crime on others.

The wolf beastman called Franz denies it desperately and abuses Ted with his words.

「 Actually didn’t you cooperate too! Ah! T-that’s right. I-in the first place the one who gave the instructions to me was Merwin-san! I just followed that! Therefore, the wrong one is Merwin, so it’s all Merwin’s fault! 」(Ted)

「 That’s right! If you want to kill, then please kill Merwin! Because it isn’t our fault! 」(Franz)

As they came to realise it, both of the wolf beastman pushed the sin to Merwin.

Merwin who heard the story till then,floats a dumbstruck expression on his face.

「 All of you……what are you saying? 」(Merwin)


So unsightly.

I can’t bear to hear more than this anymore.

「 I see and I really get it now  」(Iori)

「 Hii~!? 」(Ted)

「 P-please wait! 」(Franz)

The person who cooperated and the one that burnt Zoorutsu shop.

I’ve dragged both of them away to the corner of the chamber.

After that, I took out a liquid from my pouch.

Then I poured it on top of theirs head.

「 T-this is  」(Ted)

「 O-oil……? 」(Franz)

I was also the main reason for that Blacksmith to be burnt down.

Therefore, I’ll fulfil those girls revenge to make up for it.

「 To burn the shop and harming those two who were inside. If the worst comes to worst, both of them might be dead. Although it was an instruction from Merwin,the one who committed it is you  」(Iori)

I create a fire using magic.

It is just some low-level magic that doesn’t have firepower such as the fireball.

But it will be enough for those two who had been soaked in oil.

「 Therefore ―― There shouldn’t be any complaint from you guys if you’re about to experience a similar thing, right?  」(Iori)

「  Stop  」(Ted)

「 Waiiiit  」(Franz)

Ted and Franz.

I set those two who were covered with oil on fire.

「 GyAaaaaAAAaaa 」(Ted)

「 Hout, itzhuuuuouoooaaa  」(Franz)

In an instant both of their bodies were blazing up.

Their screams echo from the pain of being burnt.

After their screams last for several minutes, its finally turning into a deadly silence.

There’s still four wolf beastman that remain in the centre of the chamber.

I return after I’ve disposed those two, the one who drew close to me spoke,it was the wolf beastman called Gail.

「 I’ve already done what you want! Then, please save me! I~I’m begging you  」(Gail)

「  Of course  」(Iori)

As my sword blade makes a “Swoosh” sound, Gail’s head falls on the ground.

Without understanding what happened, Gail has met his end.

It was a far better death rather than being burned to death.

Only three remaining.

「 Hiiii~!?  」

「 G-Gail…… 」

「 W-why did you kill him!?  」(Merwin)

Well if you ask that, didn’t I already said earlier that “I might reconsider it” I’ve never said that I won’t kill, right?

Merwin raises his scream while the other two had their whole body badly “GATAGATA” trembling.

「 Look, in the first place, can you think why did you guys had to go through all of this?  」(Iori)

I throw a question to the remaining two.

I gave a bitter smile unconsciously as their glances say  「Isn’t it your fault?  」

「 It’s all Merwin’s fault, you see  」(Iori)

「……Eh?  」

「 What do you mean by……」

「 Merwin has betrayed me back then by repaying all my kindness toward him with ingratitude, killing me in return. In short all of this is a revenge  」(Iori)

Those two look at Merwin.

With a gaze that include their anger as if saying  「 because of you  」

「  So your friends dying and you going through all this,its all that bastard fault,you see?  」(Iori)

With the pain from their limbs and fear from having their comrades killed, they’re already incapable of making a calm judgment anymore.

Therefore by telling them the reason they had to go through all of this, its easy to bend their anger toward Merwin.

「 W-what are you saying……!? Don’t look at me with those eyes!  」(Merwin)

Merwin starts to shout after he was exposed to the anger of his fellow comrades.

But what he did will backfire on him because that will only promote their anger even more.

「 Therefore I will give you guys a choice. It’s either both of you are gonna kill Merwin or both of you will get killed?  」(Iori)

「 S-stop messing around! Whats with that BUuUU!  」(Merwin)

I kicked Merwin who was going to shout and force the choice on those two.

「 Well, what is your choice then?  」(Iori)

In their eyes, there’s a glimpse of hope.

Hope to possibly survive.

「 If I’m not mistaken, isn’t Merwin a hero of the wolf beastman? Moreover, he’s also your superior, right. Aren’t they your comrades, don’t you want to sacrifice your own life for their sake?  」(Iori)

Merwin turns his uneasy gaze toward both of them.

If these two die, oneself might survive.

The eyes that he turned toward his comrads were disappointing ones and because of that they felt like being betrayed by him.

「 Please let me KILL MERWIN!  」

「 I don’t want to die yet! 」

「 Wh……whaa  」(Merwin)

Merwin was enraged by his comrads who want to sold him out.

「 Who do you think I am? I’m a HERO! The reason why you were able to have your own way in this town is all because of ME! Kill me if you dare! The contract with the Maou forces will be voided, and the wolf beastman will be destroyed! Are you fine with THAT!! 」(Merwin)

「 SHUT YOUR TRAP! Don’t spout some of your self-important bullshit, you bastard! 」

「 Because of your fucker’s fault we had to go through all of this, ya hear! JUST DIE QUICKLY! 」

Merwin Johannes.

He betrayed me for his own sake.

He tried to sell humans to the Maou forces just to ensure himself and be saved.

In the end, he’s just someone that would betray his own friends.

You just reap what you sow.

「 Then, kill him with your own hands. If you do so――, you understand it, right?」(Iori) T/N Iori try to bait them by giving them some hope to survive if they kill Merwin.

Both of them jumped at Merwin as soon as they heard those word.

Both of them are approaching Merwin while creeping like a caterpillar and with their uninjured arms they start hitting Merwin barehanded.

In order to survive both of the wolf beastman are hitting and bitting Merwin with all their might trying to kill him.

「  S-stop! Please stop! 」(Merwin)

Merwin resists desperately. However there is no way he’ll be able to do anything against two of them by himself.

In the state where he doesn’t even have the option to use his magic, he’s just left to writhe in agony.

Then, several minutes I’ve only watched the sight of Merwin being inflicted injuries.

Quite a bit of time has passed after that.

「 Help……me 」(Merwin)

With one of his eyes crushed, Merwin had his ear torn and some of his flesh being ripped off, too.

Toward Merwin who asks for help feebly, those two just ignore that while still throwing down their arms at him.

Merwin would actually die in any second if that continues.

「  It’s about time  」(Iori)

Then suddenly a flash of a sword appeared from the back of those wolf beastman.

With that,a pair of heads falls and rolls on the ground.

Merwin let out a scream after being bathed in the blood which sprouted out from the headless corpses.

「 You see……Merwin. Actually, I never wanted to do all this to you because back then you were my dear comrade that had once fought together with me 」(Iori)

The tone I use right now is completely different from the one that I used before.

I talk to him in a gentle tone as if I’ve finally regained my presence of mind.

「 You, why did you betrayed me? 」(Iori)

To such me, Merwin replied back with a frightened expression on his face.

「 I was scared. When I think ……if the incident of my betrayal is exposed to someone.

I might lose my standing if my……betrayal  is being known by others. Therefore……」(Merwin)

「 Therefore, you had to betray me?  」(Iori)

His treacherous reason is like what I’ve expected.

In order to save himself, he’ll kill a Hero in order to hide it.

I complain about it, there’s no doubt Merwin will lose the place where he belongs.

「……So, even you have various worries too, right. I didn’t even notice that anxiety of yours 」(Iori)

「 Eh……? 」(Merwin)

I said that in a repented tone.

From the puddle of blood of his comrade, I kindly help Merwin to move him out from there.

「 Though being called a Hero, not being able to notice his comrades feelings. I’m just a failure of a hero  」(Iori)


「 Merwin. How about your wounds, are you okay? Forgive me for being late in coming for your rescue 」(Iori)

Merwin opens his eyes wide after he heard those words from me.

I lower my head and use “I’m sorry” tone as if I regret it.

With that Merwin has an astounded expression on his face as he saw that appearance of mine.

「 Are you……really gonna forgive me?  」(Merwin)

「 Didn’t I said it? Thats, actually I’ve never wanted to do all this to you 」(Iori)

「 A……Ah  」(Merwin)

His body was badly trembling as if he was deeply moved right after he heard my anwers.

Thus, his tears run down from his eyes like rain drops.

「 Forgive me, please forgive……me, it’s all my fault…… 」(Merwin)

At this moment, Merwin had apologised to me for the first time.

He rubbed his head on the ground while still sobbing in a trembling voice over and over again.

「 I have made……a mistake! I should not……do such things to you! 」(Merwin)

――He apologized to me from the bottom of his heart.

「 Ah! That! ―― I’ve always wanted to hear those words     」(Iori)

I’m really satisfied.

Because I’ve always wanted to hear those words all along.

It was my vow from before.

I want them to be sorry from the bottom of their hearts for betraying me.

Thus, I’ll make them admit it by using every means just make them admit their wrong.

Make them grovel and bow their head to the ground and make them apologise to me from the bottom of their hearts.

――On top of that, I’ll kill them.

As I was moved to tears I turn towards the apologising Merwin with a smile on my face.

Then with that face, I’ve taken out the oil from my pouch and poured it on him.

「 Buu……eh? wha?  」(Merwin)

Its an expression that doesn’t understand what happened.

As he noticed that the liquid being poured on him is oil, Merwin asked me in his trembling voice.

「  ~Amatsu……san?  ~What is…… 」(Merwin)

「 Didn’t I already told you? That, I didn’t want to do this. It felt really disgusting for me to apologize to you, despite all of that being just my act 」(Iori)

「 Ee……eh~? Didn’t you forgive me?  」(Merwin)

「 I didn’t say a single word regarding such a thing, right? 」(Iori)

Then, I’ve produced a fire using magic and thrusted it before Merwin.

While *PAKUPAKU* opening and closing his mouth, Merwin edges back.

Now, with one of his arms not usable while both of his legs are crushed,  he has no choice but to grovel on the ground like a caterpillar.

「 Hey, do you know? The most painful cause of death seems to be death from burning 」(Iori)

「  Hii……Please stop it 」(Merwin)

「 It’s gonna be a hellish pain to be burned alive, you know? 」(Iori)

「 aaAaRGH! I don’t want to die!  」(Merwin)

Even me myself, didn’t want to die like that.

Being killed by my friends that I trusted and getting betrayed by the people that once helped me.

I didn’t want to have such a death.

「  Oh yes, you’re gonna die and its gonna be right here  」(Iori)

「 No……NoAAaaAAAaarrRGHHhhhh  」(Merwin)

「 ――GO TO HELL! 」(Iori)

The flame which I threw burns Merwin.

He screams high pitched and is thrashing around in pain as he suffered from the burn.

It was an unsightly appearance ,appropriate for a traitor and he’s just reaping what he sow.

His figure which writhes to escape from death looks like a dance.

That dance of the death is continued for several minutes.

Finally, Merwin didn’t move anymore.

He lost his life while suffering hellish pain.

「 Haha…… 」(Iori)

I made him admit it.

That it was his mistake and fault.


On top of that, I’ve killed him.

I’ve thrown him into despair while he was holding something like a hope of being forgiven.

It was done, I’ve finally done it.

「 HAHAhaHAhahaAHAHAHA 」(Iori)

I’ve laughed with my voice turning hoarse.

「……Iori 」(Elfi)

It was amusing.

It was unbearable amusing.

That’s why I laughed.

「 Finally, the first one is down  」(Iori)

Yet there is still a lot of them left, the people who betrayed me.

Each one of them that’s left will follow behind Merwin.


Thus my hoarse laugh echoes through the basement.

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  1. Now that’s the kind of reversal plot that I like. With how the villain gets all high and mighty only to have it all crushed, and the MC taking his sweet time enjoying every moment of it.
    Some story had a good buildup but when the reversal part came, it end in around two paragraph which is anti-climatic.
    glad to see this one satisfy all the build up.

    on a side note, I think Jade Long Sword sounds better than Long Sword of Jade

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!!!
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  3. Not enough torture,personally it’s just a makeshift torture with low preparation,there are more hideous way,like make the guy get eaten by poisoned or flesh eating bug and then healed,and keep repeating that cycle,or havr his whole body covered in acid after his whole body got cuts,or the classics,like stoning,or hanged drawn and quartered,or the iron lady,or the screaming bull,or the people’s favorite,the rack

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    1. Btw,I really respect the human race for our ability to find more ways to inflict harm than to find a way to cure,I mean,the people who learned the way of violence and torture are prized since the start of civilization,while the ones who studied medicine and the likes are prosecuted,until what?the renaissance?

      Except in a few places like india and china,and the americas,people who can heal are quite highly regarded if I’m not mistaken

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      1. You are mistaken, the persecution of unrelated healers by the church was pretty shortlived and more of a political move. Scholars and university students were also fairly rare targets. At the same time many cloisters devoted themselves to herbical and medical studies, the only real hindrance was the taboo of dissecting human corpses which got lifted as you said it during the renaissance.
        And as far as I recall ancient china’s torture methods were far more sophisticated then the european ones. Even when the Inquisition started their hunts torture was really crude, often involving unrefined tools and machines.
        Lastly we can safely assume that the art of healing has actually been developed earlier than torture.

        Now I wonder if Elfi is troubled by Iori’s brutality, seems like she’s different from him. She’d rather make a quick and clean kill I think. Do you think they’ll conflict about it?


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