Episode 4『The Holy City Of Schmelz』

Translator: Norva

Editor: Norva




「Huh――、hah hah」

The ground is trampled and the trees were avoided as Elfi keep descend the holy mountain with the “Demon Legs”.

In the posthaste changing scenery, I am in wary of the pursuers that might be chasing us from behind, but there is no sign that the selectors are coming after us.

Perhaps they are being wary the fact that I able to overcome those falling star, or maybe they have changed their tactic to wait-and-see before making any moves.

After a few minutes, we finally reached the foot of the holy mountain without any incident.


「……Are you okay?」(Iori)

Elfi seemed to breathe heavily due to having consumed a considerable amount of her physical strength and magical power.

She is sweating like a waterfall.

Hence, I take out the cloth from the pouch and *GoshiGoshi* wipe off the sweat.

「Haa……It was three-time harder than what I thought」(Elfi)

「……we were saved, thanks, Elfi」(Iori)

There is no intention of having disdained, but that attack was really something unexpected. If it just a star alone, Elfi and I could handle it somehow. However, it would be impossible to handle the second one if there’s no mental magic.

From nine out of ten, I almost certainly it is an attack by Lusers and there was a possibility that there was a skilled person of Luser class among the selectors, but I never heard of it when I collecting information at the Kingdom castle.

It would be reasonable to think of that magic was used by that bastard.


After a while, Elfi breathing started to calm down and I begin a talk about Luser after giving her a water.

「Given the” Obstruction Barrier “and the Lost Magic, they should have prepared themselves. They probably have worn out themselves with this ambushed too」(Iori)

After failing with that falling star, they probably start moving on to the next step soon.

「……If so, there are going to be next surprise too?」(Elfi)

「Even if there was a surprise attack soon, there is a high chance that the magic of such that falling star class cannot be used in succession……Anyway, we can’t afford to let our guard down」(Iori)

I look up at the holy mountain while gritting my teeth. Even though Luser is nearby, I unable kill him right now.

There is nothing more frustrating than this.

However, my mind didn’t affect too much by that, after I’ve beaten him at his own game.

Even in the present state, I can kill him if I use the mental magic, but I want to put more attention to absorb the next labyrinth core.

It would be nice if he shows himself up, but long as he takes some distance like a while ago, I will only be aimed one-sidedly.

「I’m sorry, but please do not forget to be wary of our surroundings for a while. Even though I’m gonna take some measures against it, but Elfi demon eyes are more efficient」(Iori)

「Umu, just leave it to me. Because I’m gonna make Iori feel save like riding a dragon and Iori just need to focus on the revenge method」(Elfi)

「Aa, I will do so」(Iori)



Elfi body was staggering.

I stretch out my hand quickly and hold her body.

「Are you okay?」(Iori)

「U, umu. Because I used my feet for the first time in thirty years……Look, my knees are about to give away.
Haa……This is definitely gonna turn into a muscle pain tomorrow……」(Elfi)

……Did the Mazoku have a muscular pain too?

「Don’t push yourself too much, okay?」(Iori)

「If you say that then I will accept those words gratefully. Then, Iori should give me a piggyback ride to the Holy City」(Elfi)

Elfi does not forget that to stick out her chest haughtily while her knees are *GakuGaku* trembling when she said it.

I wonder why.

Rather than when she doing such “kinglike” thing purposely like this, she more looks like a proper demon king when she fighting.

「……Got it」(Iori)

「!? Really!?」(Elfi)

Elfi gave a look that seemed terribly surprised at my reply.

「……What’s up with that reaction?」(Iori)

「At time such this, Iori usually doesn’t listen to me.
Like when I asking to do my nail or make me a meal」(Elfi)

「It’s obvious! There’s nobody who would says『I understand』if being told to do so. I mean, I’m the one who cook our food, right?」(Iori)

「Mu……that’s right. But, because Iori does not do my nail, I’ve been doing it myself! Look! It turns disaster even though I have done it properly yesterday!」(Elfi)


This woman is……

Hence, I lift Elfi body while just ignoring her.


「I get it, let’s start moving already. It is dangerous to stay here long」(Iori)

「W-wait. I’m not finished talking yet!」(Elfi)

「It is really annoying, so could you just shut up」(Iori)

While she keeps babbling about what former demon king is, Elfi’s body is actually light befitting with her appearance.

In this the case, it won’t be a burden for me at all.

It will not take a day from here to the Holy City.
We should have arrived tonight.

Thus, I walked towards the Holy City while carrying Elfi who make a racket on my back.



The Holy City of Schmelz.

One of the holy cities of the Peter Religious State that prize for having a bond with the God.

It is the largest among the holy city with a large population.

「It finally visible」(Iori)

「……Nn, I’m awake, I’m not sleeping」(Elfi)


I went through the highway from the foot of the sacred mountain for around half a day. By the time the sun was leaning, we arrived at the Holy City of Schmelz.

On the way, I did not neglect my vigilance, however, there was no surprise attack by Luser.

There was also no sign of being watched, too.

Because the surrounding is open, it seems that the other party is wary and taking some distance from us.

The holy city of Schmelz is located in the lush prairie area and encircled by a pure white great gate and you can enter only from the four entrances that exist in the east, west, north and south.

I put Elfi who has regained her physical strength on the ground and proceed to the entrance of the great gate.

Elfi’s magic item was excellent as her disguise didn’t blow before the gate soldier.

In this way, we crossed the great gates safely and stepped into the city.

「……It’s been a while since I came here」(Iori)

「Has Iori been here?」(Elfi)

「Aa……just once before」(Iori)

It will be unquestionably white if I express this Holy City with a colour.

I do not feel the gallantry of the Kingdom or the Imperial City, but I feel the cleanliness and beauty that are not elsewhere.


Elfi held her breath as she looking at the pure white city that stained with a madder colour.

「……this was the first time I saw this city, but it really a beautiful city」(Elfi)

「Aa, I was surprised when I came here for the first time too」(Iori)

The cityscape of Religious State consists of white basically.

The colour that “Holy Light God” Melt wore in the body seems to be white and I wonder if they choose it by considering that.

Therefore, I can feel a sense of unification that cannot be felt in other countries.

Together with Elfi who admires the scene, we advance through the city.

This city separates into several districts.

Right now we at a districts called『Commercial District』 As the name suggests, there are lodgings and restaurant in the『Commercial District』 The majority of people coming from outside are heading for the『Commercial District』first.

The cathedral, church and the chivalric order of Templar where they honouring the “Holy Light God” Melt is at the『Holy District』.

There are a few other compartments, but it doesn’t matter to us.

While we are here, we do not have to worry too much about the surprise attack.

Because, if Holy City is exposed to harm, the Knight’s Templar won’t remain silent about it.

Even Luser will avoid from causing any trouble with them. Because they probably want to hide the affair regarding the summoning of hero itself.

「Let’s head to the Inn for the meantime. I will be collecting the information tomorrow」(Iori)

「I’m hungry, let’s will buy something at the stall」(Elfi)

Hence, we had a proper dinner while appeasing the momentum of Elfi to buy the food product on the stalls before we headed to the inn.


The ambience around the lodging area was miscellaneous, even though it was the holy city. Although not to the extent of the Hot Spring City, it is still lively and bustled with people, too.

「I saw a demi-humans since a little while ago, is it okay for them to be brazenly in the town?」(Elfi)

「Thirty years ago, the Knight’s Templar would have rushed in, but now it seems that they have not being discriminated as harsh as the old days」(Iori)

It due to the factions that were known as the demi-humans companionship faction was established.
Although they were restricted from entering the『Holy District』, it seems that there is no problem if they walk in other compartments.
Well, it would be quite irritating for the ostracism faction though.

We walked around the town for a while before entered the Inn that Elfi chose.

It seems to be known as the『Beautiful Blue Apple Pavilion』

The reason why Elfi chose it, of course, it seems to be delicious.

It seems that the inn selling point is cooking delicious dishes using the blue apple that was harvested near the Holy city.

It’s a bit pricey but it clean.

「Onii-chan, what about the room?」

「Two roo――」(Iori)

「It’s a hassle, we are good with one」(Elfi)


……Well, being in the same room is more convenient because we must be wary of the surprise attack from Luser after all.

Then we finished the day by enjoying the dish of the blue apple pie.



The next day, we go out of the inn early in the morning.

I have summarized what I should do today before going to bed last night.

There are three things to do.

Firstly, I have to ask the blacksmith to use the demon crystal of the “Overlord Squid” that I obtained in the Labyrinth of Death Swamp.

Secondly, gathering the information regarding the revenge target.

Thirdly, gathering the information regarding the Religious State Five Demon Lord Labyrinth the “Labyrinth of Mourning Light”

Even though I can use the mental magic, it is only a matter of a few seconds and the specific invocation conditions are unclear.

My fighting ability is still far from perfect. However, there is nothing helpful than to secure the much better equipment after all.

I intend to perform the information gathering at the place called the church library where both the library and church merge as a building.

There are many documents about God, but I hope there is information on revenge target and labyrinth.
I want information on the orphanage and Labyrinth of Mourning Light as well as information on the Knight’s Templar that protect the city. because when I tortured Dionis in the Labyrinth of Death swamp, he gave one name of the Knight’s Templar.

Thus, I act quickly with Elfi while thinking what I’m going to do in my head.

So, we headed for the weapon shop that located in the『Commercial District』first.

When I asking the owner of the hotel if there seems to be a good weapon shop that acts as the purveyor of the Knight’s Templar.

「……A weapons shop, huh. That reminds me of Zoorutsu’s」(Iori)

「That self-important guy?」(Elfi)

「Look at yourself first」(Iori)

「I was important!」(Elfi)

I smile wryly at Elfi who make a fuss in past tense
when I recall about the hot spring city.

I wondering if Misha and Nyanmel are doing fine.


Consequently, I have laughed unintentionally.

Now I’m remembering and having thought of worrying about others.

I sneer at myself when I was wondering since when do I have leeway to do so.

「……did I become a bit soft?」(Iori)

I muttered quietly with a voice of the degree that inaudible in the bustling crowd.

Such a thing surely will become a hindrance someday.

It is good to remember the feeling of『I want to help』, but what I have to do is revenge.

I do not have time to be bound by emotions.

「I think it’s good, though」(Elfi)

Did she hear it?

Elfi said with a gentle tone.

「Isn’t such emotion won’t contradict your desire for revenge?」(Elfi)

Not contradict.
I guess so.

Feelings of wanting to help someone and feelings of wanting to kill someone.

Does this contradict……?

「……Well, Iori may think about it until you find the right answer」(Elfi)


As Elfi said that in a gentle consoling voice.

Revenge is a matter of decisions, and I am troubled too much by something else too.

I won’t say it a nonsense, but I have to try to not lose sight of my original intention.

……I do not really understand this fellow at all.

Sometimes she looks like no more than just a starving grey demon king and sometimes as a dignified former demon king.

What an unreasonable fellow.

「Aside from that, Iori, I am hungry」(Elfi)

「Though we just have our breakfast」(Iori)

That’s right.

This fellow is no more than just a starving degenerates demon king after all.

A while after that, we arrived at the weapons shop.

In order not to defile the cityscape, the letters are written in blue on a signboard based on white.

The exterior of the shop is sturdy enough in the accordance as the purveyor for the Knight’s Templar which is the strongest fighting power of the Religious state.

「Ahoy! wha’ I can help ye wit’」

I was greeted by a clerk when we entered the shop and the clerk of this time is a human.

「……is what I want really to say but」

The salesclerk said apologetically as soon as he looked at us.

「Well, but right now we are out of stock」

「……Out of stock?」(Iori)

「Yeah, actually the Knight’s Templar has purchased a large number of weapons and armor」

The purchase of the Knight’s Templar, huh.

When it comes to collecting a lot of weapons at this time of year, the use is limited.

Well, I have a rough idea though.

So, I don’t have time to dawdle around right now.

「Can’t you create a magic item?」(Iori)

「Yesー……There’s nothing I can’t do, but there’s no material」

Then, I took out the demon crystal from the pouch.

It is a demon crystal of “Overlord Squid” that emits a light blue light.

The clerk had a surprised look as he saw the booties.

「O-oh…!? What a gem! I think I can make most of the thing if it were this, but……What do you want? Is it a sword? Or is it armour?」

「No, I request for a shoes」(Iori)

Both the sword and the armour are already good enough.

What I need right now is mobility.

For that, I want a magic item of superior shoes.

「I understand」

Then he measures the size of my feet and I told him what I wanted.

It seems to be completed in around three days.

So, I will come back for it later.

I pulled Elfi who was *FuraFura* staggering inside the store and went outside.



Next, I walk towards the northern part of the『Commercial District』

There is the『Holy Light District』on the way to the north, where the church library is located and it close by to the『Commercial District』

It is about thirty minutes on foot from the arms shop.

It is time when I walked while avoiding the crowd.



As I bumped into a girl who sprung out from the corner of the road. The girl screams and falls on her backside on the ground.

Instinctively, I stretch out my hand to the jade longsword in respond whether it was a surprise attack from Luser.


However, there’s a tear in the eyes of the girl who had fallen on her backside on the ground, and there is no sign that she has some weapon.

There is a sign that Elfi is using the demon eye in the back, and it does not seem to be any assailant when I look around.

「……Are you okay?」(Iori)

I call out the girl while remaining vigilant.

「Mou, where were you looking at when you are walking……!」

The girl raises up while complaining.

But you’re the one who bumps into me in the first place though.

I stole a glance at the angry girl with tearful eyes.

She was a girl with a showy pink hair colour.

Who wears a black tube top that paired with the grey skirt with knee sock that covering her thighs with long boots up to the knees.

While a tear was floating in her blackish pink eyes, she glaring at me with upturned eyes.

「Are you hurt?」(Iori)

「Look here! What were you going to do, if my beautiful body got hurt! Good grief!」

With such kind of attitude, I’m sure that she got no injuries.

「Let’s go, Elfi」(Iori)

「Mu……Are you sure that it okay?」(Elfi)


Our time is limited.

Only one of today’s plans has been accomplished and I have to start gathering information as soon as possible too.

「It’s not okay!!」

But the girl blocked me who was going to go ahead.

「……Is there still something else?」(Iori)

「There is! There is a lot of it! I mean! To just leaving this pretty girl after knocking her down, aren’t you a bit too cold !?」

This fellow looks a bit like Elfi.

Especially that self-praising parts when she self-proclaimed that she a beauty or she a cutie.

「……Wh-what wrong with this woman. She seems a bit of an oddball, Iori」(Elfi)

「Look at yourself first」(Iori)

「Umm……I didn’t get it, but」

“Anyways!” as that girl thrusting her finger at me.

「Because you have injured the body of a pretty girl, there should are a bit more than just simply asking such question, right! Otherwise, you will be punished!」

「Is that so? Then, I’m sorry and I’ll pay attention next time. So, are this good enough?」(Iori)

「Fufun, It’s good that you understand」

……This fellow really looks like Elfi.

「Well then, we’re going now」(Iori)

「Yup, well then bye-bye……Eh! hold on a minute!」

What an awfully persistent woman.

Is this some kind of plot?

There seems to be no hostility, if she one of Luser group member, there is a possibility that she is someone who tries to hold us down at this place. But there is no presence, or did he intend to attack by sniping?

Maybe we should take her to the back alley and interrogate her.

I look back at the girl while thinking so.


The pink eyes were looking into me.

I do feel a feeling of coercion that Elfi gives off albeit I do not feel any hostility or malice from it.

It just a feeling that having my heart is being peeped through. Unconsciously my hand extends to the jade longsword.


「No, it’s nothing. I’m just going to give you some advice」


「It might be better to leave this place as soon as possible」


「I had a bad hunch and because I stayed in this town for too long. Well, there are other reasons too」

I can’t get to the point of what is she talking about.

「……Why is it better to leave?」(Iori)

「That’s because」

As she stops with a short pause.

「――It because I attracted the disaster」

Is what the girl said.


To the solidifying me, the girl put out her tongue.
By closing one eye and laughing with a look like a mischievous child.

「Then, see you later!」

Waving here hand here, she runs off in the same way how we met.

「……see you later?」(Iori)

What was that?

「Elfi. Just to make sure, did you sense anything?」(Iori)

「……Umu. She doesn’t have that much magical power nor she has any special magic items with her. She just a strange woman」(Elfi)

「Is that so?」(Iori)

I sense nothing in particular, too. But I’m quite bothered by her ambiguous words.

「Well, there’s nothing I can do even if I curious about it. Let’s go, Elfi」(Iori)


「……? You seem a little of a good mood」(Iori)

「Is that so? Well, I have thought a bit after looking at the attitude of Iori toward others」(Elfi)


I do not understand this fellow well, too.

「Do does not mind it. Hey, let get going now」(Elfi)


I pull myself together and begin to walk towards the church library.

In order to promptly collect necessary information by the end of today, and when we were just about to go there.

Then, the surroundings abruptly got dark.

For a moment I thought that the sun was hiding in the clouds, but I immediately deny that idea.

「……A shadow?」(Iori)

Something big is flying in the sky.

「What is……」

「……That is」

The “Pterosaur ” flew when I looked up at the sky.
Beyond the Holy Gate, there are several pterosaurs are flying over the Holy City.

「……It’s absurd because there should be no dragon species inhabit around here」(Iori)

The pterosaur is a small dragon species.

It is known as troublesome demonic beings that fell short of the likes of Flames Dragons and Cave Dragons.


The pterosaur is roaring high-pitched in the sky.

「Wha, a dragon? It is a dragon!」

「What!? Why is there a pterosaur here!?」

The surrounding people noticed the pterosaurs with a delay.

There’s those who look up at the sky is petrify, and those who simply scream out, and those who run away rushingly.

一 The town has fallen into a panic in an instant.

「Is this that girl doing……?」(Iori)

That girl said that it would be better to leave here.

Was it because she has foreseen this raid?

If she was an official of the Demon king army, it is not something strange for her to knows beforehand.

I look at the way where that the girls left and of course that pink hair was not found anymore.

As expected, I should have seized her back then?

「……It’s coming!」(Elfi)

Elfi’s shouts have cut through my thoughts.

The wyvern which was in the sky went down all at once towards the ground.

While giving an earsplitting roar, they bare their fang at the escaping humans.


I pulled out the jade longsword and thrust myself in between the dragon and the man.

I stop the charge of the Pterosaur with the “Magic Break Suppression”.

Because a certain amount of my magical power has returns, the reinforced shield had completely prevented the attack of the Pterosaur.

「Oi, escape quickly!」(Iori)


The Pterosaur raise and comes swinging down its enormous claw. Then, I receive it with “soft sword” as I confirm the obstacle are already gone.

Hence, I divert the impact to the ground and swiftly swing the jade longsword.


As the pterosaur letting out a scream as the blade has gouged one of its eyes.

「――Move to sideways!」(Elfi)

Then, Elfi struck it with her demon eyes.

The unable to dodge pterosaur which agony with a pain is scattering about.



Looking at the death of its kind, the attention of other Pterosaur has turned to this place.

They come all at once while roaring.

「Elfi, you stop the movement with the demon eyes
while I will round them up」(Iori)

「Got it」(Elfi)

It was when Elfi tried to invoke the “Heavy Collapse”.

「――I’ll have you atone for the sin of defiling the holy city」

Along with the voice, a swift slash struck the pterosaur.



It was the man who wore the blue-silver armour who use that slash.

The pterosaur falls to the ground after one of its wing being cut off.

Then, there countless of magic falling like rain from behind the armoured man.

「That armour, is it the “Knight Templar”?」(Elfi)

The highest war potential that Religious state proud of.

It is a skilled knight who eliminates the person that pose harm to God and the heresies.

The armour of the blue silver colour which represents the knight templar and they were also feared by the Mazoku.

If you noticed, those who were wearing pure blueish silver armour were fighting everywhere. Some shoot down the pterosaur with magic while others deliver a slash into it.

While each of them shows high proficiency and slaughter the pterosaur with cooperative movements.

At the centre of it was the man who delivered the first slash.

He is fighting and leads the knights while giving accurate instructions to various places.

The knights may be stronger than the A rank adventurers that we saw in the labyrinth city.

It is a fair degree of discipline.

「There seems to be no room for us」(Elfi)


Then in a blink of an eye, the pterosaur was annihilated.


「I’m the knight of the chivalric of the templar, second corps’ vice commander……Leo William Displender. I appreciate having cooperated in the annihilation of the pterosaur」

After all the pterosaur were annihilated, the man with the Indigo hair came here to say his thanks.

He is a tall man with a short-cut in his mid-twenties.

The armour of the blueish silver wore on his body is engraved with the emblem different from the other knights. As for William between his names, probably it will be a baptismal name.


After having thanked us, Leo snorts his nose.

「But……this is a sacred holy city. It is not preferable for other than of our chivalric order of templar to wield a sword. Are you guys an outsider? You don’t have to fight next time, and just leave it to us the chivalric order of templar」

「……You bastard, we just」(Elfi)

「That’s all, because it’s safe now, so please do as you like」

Leo left for his group after he keeps talking one-sidedly to us.

We never have a chance to say a thing at all.

「What the hell was that? That guy is rude!」(Elfi)

「……I get the reason for you to get pissed off, but we shouldn’t fight with him. Because there is no reason for us to get involved with the Knights templar」(Iori)

And if Elfi being exposed that she a Mazoku, it is us the ones who being pointed by their sword. Because they are people who would rush at us without forethought if the other party is a Mazoku’s.

However, I don’t think that we will lose, but it’s just something unnecessary.

It is better to not get involved with them.

一With some exceptions, though.

「Nevertheless, there’s a lot hindrance happen today」(Iori)

That girl of those pterosaurs, perhaps it’s my unlucky day, huh.

I blow out a sigh and turn my gaze toward the knight templar.

Some time ago Leo and another man were instructions to the knights.

Since Leo introduced himself as a vice-captain, is another one a captain?


When I turned my eyes at the seems to be captain, I had a sense of deja vu.

Have I seen that guy somewhere before……?

He is a man in his prime age around fifties.

The short-aligned yellow-green hair and those sullen blue eyes. With big well trained muscular build.

The more I look at him, the more sense of deja vu I felt.

Besides, I know this sense of deja vu.

I have experienced it before, too.

Like when I saw the aged Luser as soon as I was re-summoned――――


「……That’s it」(Iori)


He was the man who was in charge of transporting supplies for the Knights Templar three decades ago.
If I’m not wrong, his name was Marx Pietro Sandalphon.

He did not appear in Luser memory, but it is the name that came out when I torturing Dionis.

He was the transporter man who has been bribed by Dionis and he was the one who supposed to passed the『Amulet of Substitution』to me.

「……I said that it would be better not to get involved with the Knights Templar, but it seems likely not to be so」(Iori)


「And, there is another thing to investigate」(Iori)

There’s another one that attracts my intention, he probably Marx younger brother or even his kin.

That will be obvious as soon as I investigate it.

Luser who is leading the selectors.

The old couple that own orphanages that living nearby the holy city.

And a man who belongs to the Knight Templar.

「Well, it’s a good thing to me for having them gathering here」(Iori)

As my smile brimming over unintentionally.

Apparently, it seems that I will be able to fulfil my revenge in on go in the Religious state.




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