Episode 9『Because You Have Taken Advantage of People』




「I will feed e~very single one of you to the demonic beings. So, please don’t try to run away, okay?」(Olivia)

The barrier has been set up throughout the room at the same time as Olivia snapped her fingers. The section of the door that had been broken through is also covered with the barrier and the passage to the transition point has been blocked as well.

「Now then, it’s meal time」(Olivia)

Olivia issued an order simultaneously while having cut off our way of retreat. More than one demonic being under the command of that woman began to move at the same time without raising groaning voices.

As usual, she has the upper hand.

However――it would advantageous only in a wide space.

In the basement where the four sides are covered with walls, their movement is restricted. Moreover, with such large body frame of the demonic beings, no matter how they good they cooperating with each other, they have no choice but to go straight toward us in this space.

「I have no business with you guys」(Iori)

As I throw the magic stone at the feet of the demonic beings. The demonic beings did not bother to get away from the magic stones that dropped with a dry sound. Because they aren’t capable of thinking anything else as they only think to kill their prey accordingly to Olivia’s instructions.

So if it were normal demonic beings they would easily avoid those attacks.

「――”Magic Destruction・Magic Break」(Iori)

The magic stone has exploded and swallowed the incoming demonic beings in the explosion flames. But, thanks to Olivia’s barrier, the floor and ceiling have not collapsed due to the explosion.


Ignoring Olivia whose lose her composure cause by a sudden explosion, I thrust myself into the crowds of demonic beings.

「”Acceleration Accelerator”」(Iori)

The majority of the demonic beings which throw themselves at me have lost their feet caused by the explosion. Effortlessly, I have lifted my body to cope with the incoming demonic beings.

「You’re in the way」(Iori)

I dodge their attack which has become dull due to the damages they receive on they body before I cut off their neck as it is. Even if they don’t feel the pain, they should cease to move after their head being separated from their body.

The demonic being which weakened by the explosion also doesn’t care about their injured comrades as they keep to plunge themselves earnestly. Thus, I cut them one by one with my jade longsword and as for their perfect cooperation and coordinations, it will be a threat if it were in a spacious forest, but in this narrow space, they just going to obstruct each other movement.

It was when I stepped over the decapitated demonic beings and was about to turn to the next one.


A huge arm fell abruptly in the spot where I was until a while ago at the same time when I pull back. In the meanwhile, the demonic beings that should be there are creating squashed sounds as they have become just a mere stain that dyed the basement.


It was a single blow from the synthetic dragon “Chimera Dragon” which was waiting in the back. The figure of the synthetic dragon’s is advancing while trampling over the demonic beings.

「I see, I see. I admit that an A rank adventurer is certainly just not for show, do they? I admit it because those demonic beings which I sent to that mansion has been repulsed, too」(Olivia)

A shrill cry rises from the oral cavity where teeth-like objects are line up―― on the vertical line which on all over the body of the synthetic dragon. As its rolling eyeball creates a damp sound that followed by all its arm which sticking out from all over being simultaneously directed toward my directions.

「You are just right thing to become the test subject for this synthetic dragon “The Chimera Dragon”」(Olivia)

A countless arm rushes at me like an elastic rubber, Thus, I’ve cut it down with the jade longsword as soon as it draws closer while simultaneously performing footwork to avoid it. But I won’t be able to cope with this numbers forever and I have no choice but to pull back.

It’s really troublesome.

「AhaHaHa! Did you even think that a tiny adventurer like you can knock down this synthesised dragon? Hah??」(Olivia)

I could hear some harsh ridicule from the back of the gigantic body. So, she seems to have a lot of confidence in this dragon, isn’t she?

「But, you shouldn’t worry about it? Because this is the synthetic dragon that I created to defeat the Demon Lord after all」(Olivia)

The oral cavity in the whole body of the synthetic dragon began to “PokuPoku” opening and shutting. As the magical power from its surroundings is being sucked up by those oral cavities before gathered at its head. Then, its mouth opened as it about to ward it off as a sphere of flame that created from the magical power.

「Well then, now regret being employed by that filthy mixed, then now die unsightly?」(Olivia)

A breath was fired by the synthetic dragon and its a single blow of hellfire which contains a lot of magical powers. Well, it certainly would be a blow that equals to the breath of the flame dragon indeed.


It just to the extent where nothing more to say about it.

Countering it, I decrease its power first with “Magic Break Suppression Il · Ataraxia”. Of course, that alone won’t be enough to suppress it.

――But that is sufficient enough.

I start to supply the magical power on the『Crimson Armor』or the magic clothes which I wore in my body.

From jet black――Crimson red is spreading like the ripple on the water starting from the top. Normally it was purely jet black, but the pattern of disastrous conflagration is carved by incorporating the magical power on it.

―― Because by such reason, it’s known as the『Crimson Armor』

With that, I receive the breath which could melt the iron directly. The fired red flame that has entirely covered my sight――――. However, the flame was completely nullified by the『Crimson Armor』.

In the flame such as the fire from Hell, I run for the synthetic dragon. By releasing its breath attack, its huge figure is being left defenceless.

So, I thrust the magic stone into the inside of the oral cavity which was widely opened to suck the surrounding magical power. With that, the lower abdomen of the synthetic dragon was blown off entirely by the Magic Break.

「HAh!? Wha-what?」(Olivia)

The upper body of the synthetic dragon whose greatly damaged has fallen on the ground. Nonetheless, such ugly monster is still trying to move.

「――Get lost!」(Iori)

I strike it down with the magic break once again. Following the lower abdomen, the upper body of the synthetic dragon smashed into pieces and scattered all over while spreading the putrid smell in the basement.

「Ah, eh?」(Olivia)

As for what remained there is only a lone defenceless Olivia.

Finally, you’re within my reach.



「Huh……eh? What……? My, mine synthesis Dragon “Chimera Dragon” is, why?」(Olivia)

Olivia who turns her eyes to the mountain of flesh which scattered about.

But, there will no leeway for such confused woman.

「Well then, is this the end?」(Iori)

Olivia edges back in response.
It seems that it was the end for her main demonic being.

「I-I got it, I won’t resist anymore!」(Olivia)

Raising both of her hands, Olivia takes a no resistance pose. Then, she came closer while floating flirty smile on her face.


Then suddenly, Olivia has tripped while on its way here. She staggering before falling in this direction.

「Serve upon me!」(Olivia)

Olivia’s arms are pressed against my forehead.
At the same time, the magic power has flowed in my head. I see, so this is the brainwash magic, huh.

「Hah……Such a foolish man, aren’t you?」(Olivia)

Olivia opened her eyes wide in shock as she sprang back while I wipe off the touched area with a cloth.

It’s disgusting.

「W, why……!? I surely had poured the magical power in!」(Olivia)

Regarding the mechanism behind the brainwash magic, I have already heard it from Olivia herself thirty years ago. The magical power is poured on the brain subject to change its mind. If it’s the case, you need to concentrate the magical powers to resist it before it reaches the brain.

「So? Should we end this?」(Iori)
「Hi*……」(Olivia) TN shrieking*

When the same question was thrown, Olivia got a fearful expression for the first time. However, it quickly switches to an arrogant one.

「Hah……! After capturing me, you will report it to the Emperor, won’t you? Fine, do whatever you want. This experiment is necessary for the current empire. No matter how those filthy mixed clamouring over it, my experiments will going to be valued highly!!」(Olivia)

To hand her over to the Empire?

Certainly, as long as this woman can manipulate the demonic being, the empire will not immediately deal her. Aside from being renown, this is certainly an innovative skill.

However, it is a story・・・・・・・if she being hand over after all.

「Be relieved, I will not do such a thing」(Iori)

A question floats on Olivia’s face.

「No way, do you say that I will give you my skills? Do not be silly, This skill of mine is not something for such vulgar monkey like either of you could understand」(Olivia)
「No, it is different」(Iori)
「Well then, what on earth you going to do with me――」(Olivia)

She seems to misunderstood something. But, I will straighten it for her.

「You certainly do not think that you can get away all in one piece, aren’t you?」(Iori)

Olivia has become bewildered after heard those words. It’s an expression which showed that she doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

「What do you mean with that……」(Olivia)
「What I’m telling you is, that I will kill you right here」(Iori)

She seems to have understood the meaning as I can see Olivia’s face turned pale slightly.

「Ha……HAH! For someone from other countries……Moreover, with the position of mere adventurers to do something like that to this I the imperial aristocrat, do you think that it is permitted?」(Olivia)
「I do not need such permission」(Iori)

It’s hilarious.
It makes me laugh.

「Olivia…Elieresire, look like you have not changed since thirty years ago, huh」(Iori)
「Thirty……? What are you blathering on about……?」(Olivia)
「Thirty years ago you have annihilated your troops with brainwash magic, didn’t you」(Iori)
「……! How did you, that」(Olivia)
「And after that, you asked recommendation of “Hero Amatsu” so that brainwash magic to be acknowledged. But it was refused and as for the brainwash magic, it was designated as prohibited」(Iori)

I can see Olivia’s expression turning pale.

「As for your retaliation over that you demand the dead body of Amatsu, you have betrayed “me”」(Iori)
「Lies, it’s a lie……」(Olivia)

I roll up my sleeve and expose my right arm to her. I showed Olivia the proof of the brave which engraved on the back of my hand.

「It’s been thirty years since then, huh.
Olivia Elieresire」(Iori)

Olivia trembled with a pale expression as her feet were trembling while having some difficulty to breath like having hyperpnoea. She shaking her head repeatedly in denial as if unable to accept the reality. She sits helplessly on the ground as if she were not able to stand anymore.

「Neither Empire or aristocracy are related in this matter. This is my revenge for being betrayed. Do you understand? There is no need for someone permission」(Iori)
「Ah…ahh……You should have died. It’s a lie, this is a lies」(Olivia)

It seems that she finally understood her situation as she begins to retreat while dragging her bottom.

「It, not a lies」(Iori)

As I stepped with all my might and crushed her foot to avoid her from escaping. The dull sound of breaking bones was echoed in a basement.


Once in a while, Olivia screamed.

「Elfi, I will take care of this. So, you should bring Karen-san back to the mansion」(Iori)
「Got it, I will ask you later」(Elfi)

Elfi broke the barrier with her demon eyes and went out from the basement while holding Karen. Because I can not show the upcoming events to Karen.

It shouldn’t be shown.

「Ahhh……! Foot, my foot is……ah!」(Olivia)

I turn my gaze below saw Olivia was crying in agony while restrained her crushed foot.

Of course, I do not want to end this.

I won’t end this with such a thing, you know.

「Well then, shall I begin the revenge?」(Iori)



Olivia lifts her hand as she seems to tries to do something. Because it would be troubling if she tries to do some strange things, so I have broken the bones of both her hands and legs. In response to that, she fainted and soil her pants caused by the shock. But she comes to her senses after I kicked her off.

It seems that she tried to use the magic item ring which was fitted on her finger. Inside of it is being loaded with the magical power of Olivia. Apparently, it seems to be a magic item that connected to the brains of multiple demons to maintains the brainwash magic.

「Amatsu-sama……F, forgive me」(Olivia)

I grab the long hair of Olivia and drag her along.

As it was, I looked around the cage in the basement. Apparently it seemed that she been breeding and managing the demonic beings within it. It’s few, but there is more than one kind of demonic being.

Among them, there was the cage with maggot a size of a finger wriggling in it. But the hole is so deep that makes its impossible for them to crawl out from there

「”Toothy Bug”, huh」(Iori)

It is the lowest-class demon who had a tooth near a human.

It is a ferocious demonic being that tries to cut and eat flesh using such tooth, but it was really weak if it were alone. Even if there a swarm of them, they can ward off by using some magical power. Fundamentally, their biting power is not that strong.



I have thought some good thing.

「I-I have not betrayed……It just Amatsu-sama misunderstanding……!」(Olivia)

Olivia still makes an excuse till this late in the game.

「Yes you did because I have peeped inside the memories of Luser using the『Golden Sword of Probing』. At that time, I have seen your figure very well」(Iori)

Olivia is trembling while gasping her mouth.

「Get in!」(Iori)

I open the cage of the Toothy Bug and kicked Olivia in it. She raises her screams and falls into the hole where Toothy Bug are wriggling.

Then I quickly closed and lock the cage. The brainwash seemed to work as the Toothy Bug avoided Olivia and ran away to the corner of the cage.

「W……what are you doing……?」(Olivia)
「I have said it, wasn’t I? That I’m going to kill you」(Iori)
「C……could it be」(Olivia)

She seems to have noticed what I am trying to do as the face of Olivia becoming deathly pale.

「Please wait! Please forgive me! I am just wanting to be recognised! Please! Forgive me……!. I will give you this territory along with the method of using the brainwash magic! I even will let you do as you want with my body, too. So, please help me!」(Olivia)

With tears, Olivia begins to appeal.

「Gouache probably said the same thing to you, wasn’t him? “I do not want to die, please help me”」(Iori)
「A little while ago, aren’t you the one’s who was talking happily about it? So now you just finally got a chance to experience it yourself, aren’t you?」(Iori)

I pick up the ring which I confiscated from Olivia. It is a magic item that maintains the brainwash on the demonic beings.


I cancelled all the effects that the ring was emitting. The brainwash that placed on the demonic beings has been released at once. By doing so, then naturally.

「Ah, ahArghhh!!」(Olivia)

The Toothy Bugs which was on the inside is released from the brainwash is being attracted by Olivia, the foodstuff which appeared in front of them.

With their bare teeth, the demonic beings threw themselves on Olivia all at once.

「S……stop it! Do not come here! D――!? A,ahahArghhhh!!」(Olivia)

Olivia whose got her flesh bitten off are screaming.

「You have said it, right. something like “The mixed or the demi-humans, should just obediently become the food for us human”, wasn’t it?」(Iori)

From thirty years ago, all the while.

「You have preyed on various people」(Iori)

If it’s the case.

「You can not complain if yourself have become the preyed one’s, right」(Iori)



The Toothy Bugs bites into Olivia. Her legs, body, arm, shoulder, neck and even her face, they were biting her everywhere. Olivia screaming as her flesh “BuchiBuchi” got to tear off.

「No~,NoAaaaaarghhhh! It’s gross, It’s gross, It’s gross, It’s gross! Aargghhh! OuchOuchIts hurtOuch!!」(Olivia)

Contrary to that terrible sight, the pace at which the Toothy Bugs eating her flesh is slow. Slowly and steadily, those demonic being bites off her flesh.

「Aaarghh~! Why! Why did I have to go through all of this!? This is a lie, for me to Aaarghh! NuoAaarghhh!!」(Olivia)

As she swings her broken arm around and flings it against the Toothy Bugs desperately. Several tooth insects are crushed by it while other specimen doesn’t mind it at all, as they keep swarming over Olivia.

「Amatsu-sama!! He, Hero! If you are a hero, for dwoin twsih kind ov odds! Pulease huelp me!」(Olivia)
「Amatsu-sama!! He, Hero! If you are a hero, for doing this kind of odds! Please help me!」(Olivia)
「Sorry, but I have already quit being either Hero or Brave, you see」(Iori)
「I don’t wat to die in sush pulace! Pless hulp Meeeeee」(Olivia)
「I don’t want to die in such place! Please help Meeeeee」(Olivia)

Olivia desperately begs while having dishevel hair and mess up her face with her tears, mucus and saliva. The bones of both her hands and legs are broken, so it will not possible for her to escape or fight. Only the future where she is eaten completely by the Toothy Bugs waiting for her.

「People that you have killed would have thought that they did not want to die, too. Every single one of them and even Gouache! ……even I am. But you just laughed and killed them off」(Iori)
「I’m chorry! Iz my worng! Porgive me! orgive me!」(Olivia)
「I’m sorry! It’s my wrong! Forgive me! Forgive me!」(Olivia)

Every last one of them, in spite of tormenting and sneering at other, they would start apologising as soon as they themselves have been thrown in that position. If you don’t like being treat like that, then you shouldn’t do that to others.

「I don’t wan to diee……」(Olivia)
「I don’t want to die……」(Olivia)

Olivia’s voice is getting smaller.

Even if it is said that her strength is weakened or when the flesh of her whole body is bitten off continuously, she won’t cease to breathe for another one hour.

「DO you really feel sorry?」(Iori)

To that question, Olivia shakes her head repeatedly.

「I won do tha anymore! Eitheer tee mized or the demi-umans, I won do that any~or! I own betrayed Amatsu-sama ever, too!! Forgive me! orgiv me! elp me!」(Olivia)
「I won’t do that anymore! Either the mixed or the demi-humans, I won’t do that anymore! I won’t betrayed Amatsu-sama ever, too!! Forgive me! Forgive me! Help me!」(Olivia)
「……Fine, I got it」(Iori)

I took out something from my pouch while said that.

「It’s a high-rank potion, drink it」(Iori)

I opened the cage for a moment and threw the potion. Olivia crawls like a caterpillar towards the potion that fell to the ground while raising a soundless cry.

What I threw in was a potion of the considerable price. Regarding that it was a high-rank potion is not a lie, too.


Opening the bottle with her bare mouth, Olivia drank the potion like a beast. The effect will be shown immediately as Olivia’s wound is being cured.



Just a little by little・・・・・・・・.

「It’s the “continuation-type potion” which I bought at the Imperial capital. Unlike a normal potion, it won’t cure the wounds in one go」(Iori)
「Instead, your wounds will continue to heal little by little for several hours」(Iori)

A wound of Olivia is cured. However, the Toothy Bugs bites off the cured part.

That part will heal again.

It is the repetition.

「Even among the “continuation-type potion” is an exceptionally expensive one. Well, if at that pace, it should probably last about half a day?」(Iori)
「Though, you said that you will help me!! You liar! Why!?」(Olivia)
「I have never say such a thing, you know」(Iori)

As the *CrunchCrunch* the flesh eating sound continues continuously.

「Did you have said it before, that you enjoying yourself playing with Gouache thoroughly」(Iori)
「So, you should be enjoying yourself thoroughly, too. Aren’t you glad?」(Iori)

The sound of meat being munch echoes.




About three hours have passed.

『Please help me』『I don’t want to die』『Why did such thing happen to me』

At first, Olivia was crying like that, but now it has changed.

「Just……ll me, kill me……KiLL ME!!」(Olivia)

Even though it has not been more than half a day has passed, she already said such a thing. Even though Gouache has endured it for half a day.

「Be relieved」(Iori)

I say to Olivia.

「At first, wasn’t it was you said that『I don’t want to die』? So, in response to that, I will keep you alive」(Iori)

I said while smiling at Olivia who being stuck with a hopeless expression.

「――because I’m such a gentle guy……after all」(Iori)



The everlasting pain.

As the flesh is being bitten off endlessly.
Moreover, she not being allowed to die in such a situation either.

She cried and cried again『I don’t want to die』 before start to begging『Just kill me』.
In response to all of it, there’s only smile been throw off to her.

Then a few hours later. A woman who ridiculed others and used them as her food/prey.


Literally, leaving no bones as she became a food/prey of bug feeding.



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  1. (….why do I feel unsatisfied…?) Well anyway, onto the next target *winking kawaii face*
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  2. When he mentioned the breeding room of the demonic beasts, I thought he was gonna throw her in one and have her be raped, for hours…. With different types. Im glad he didn’t do that tbh


  3. Glad to see Iori tying up loose ends plus achieving his personal revenge. Ruthless at the right time too.

    I like this novel theme, a decent break from the boring’ ol theme of humans(the good) VS the demon races(the evil).
    The fact that “good” and “evil” cannot be simply categorized and pasted on specific races.


  4. He has no imagination. You should fuse her with a demonic beast. And an ugly one. Snce she hated mixed ones, she should be the ugliest mixed one for the rest of her life. And, make her unable to get out of that place, cripple her, make her forever hate herself. Make her unable to use magic, unable to fight, and make her unable to talk. So that, she cannot ask for help. Make her so ugly and weird that, it shouldn’t look like human at all. So, no one could even recognize her, and even think of saving her. But before that, force her to write a sealed paper that explaines all her crimes. SO, even if she manages to restore herself, she would be hated from her beloved “pure” humans. Now that, is a real punishment. A piece of art you can say…


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