Episode 8『The Rotten Arrogance』

Translator: Norva

Editor: Oscuras & Kamis


The Eliesteel territory.

It’s located near the labyrinth and it’s a territory that adjacent to the Rayford territory which had the duty of sealing it. It’s a land that was shunned from the imperial aristocrats and has the risk of being raided by the demonic beings that might overflow from the labyrinth.

The name of the feudal lord is Olivia Elieresire. Who was an excellent magician who gained the territory and the status of aristocratic from the emperor, after acknowledging her merit in her role in repelling the Maou forces that have attacked the Empire. With some administrations abilities, she able to manages her territory and avoid the conspicuous dissatisfaction from the population of her fief.

It is the big mansion in the depths of the territory and the mansion where she was born. Although the servants are quite a few in number, the cleaning is being done thoroughly.

Both of the design on the exterior and the interior of the mansion was being gorgeous crafted by the craftsmen.
Inside the room of Olivia, there’s a door that being sealed and concealed. On the other side of the door, there’s a basement which nobody than she herself was aware the existence of such place in the mansion.

There’s a person inside the basement which illuminated gleams by the lamp and that very person was no other than Olivia Elieresire. Contrary to her real age, her appearance is a woman in her twenties. She tempers her body that remarkably slows its ageing in order to keep her youthful appearance. As a result, Olivia practically hasn’t aged at all.

「Well then……It’s about time for a report that mixed have died comes, isn’t it?」(Olivia)

Sitting on a chair, Olivia muttering like that with the experiment report on her hand. It was the result and information regarding the instruction that related to the guideline to the surprise attack of the demonic beings that she gave to the attendant of the Rayford family.

A strong demonic being which is to the extent even the A rank adventurer would fall victim to it. Around this time “that” girls should have died and dissolve without leaving any bones.

「Well that man has fulfilled his duty, should I feed that man to the demonic being as well?」(Olivia)

『For sake of Karen-sama and for sake of Rayford』

The one who has uttered such a silly thing was the attendant name Jean who have defied her.

For her, a man who associates himself with the mixed one is not worth living. It makes her feel nauseated just from filth which rubs on him from associating with those mixed.

It’s disgusting.

The mixed one’s, the demi-humans and the Mazoku itself is unpleasant existence for her. She wishes the every single one of them should extinct completely.

「……So you have finally arrived?」(Olivia)

The metastasis formation that being set up in the basement is reacting. She wonders if Jean has arrived for the report. Although he has been brainwashed and unable to defy Olivia, but for the caution’s sake the metastasis formation is been set up inside the prison. Because after she has heard the report through the prison, that have been decided that she will dispose of him as the demonic being food afterwards.

She put away the report which she held and it was the time when Olivia stood up from her chair. There was the big explosion that shook the mansion has occurred.

「What’s was that!?」(Olivia)

The explosion occurred in the prison where the metastasis formation is placed. At the same time when Olivia stiffened uttered “What on earth?”

「――Sorry for intrusion-zo」(Iori)

The door which leads to the prison was kicked vigorously. Then, what entered into the sight of Olivia who looked at the unexpected visitor is a black-haired boy who wore a jet-black coat. An A rank adventurer who was informed by Jean in his report.

From behind him, there are two more shadows appeared. A girl with silver hair and gold eyes that drifting out an intense magical power.


「……Oh dear, what we have here」(Olivia)

A red-haired woman―― The figure of Rayford house present head, Karen Rayford.

We teleported in the prison after we used the metastasis formation which was spread inside the cave. It’s not like a trap because there’s no some kind of special magic being placed inside the prison. I guess that was transit placed into prison for just in case that Jean might be attacking her.

With Elfi’s【Demon Eyes・Complete Destruction Explosion】, we manage to get out by destroying the prison without any difficulty. It seems to be a basement by judging from the window and the magically powered light which is being installed here. Advancing towards the directions where the presence of a person, I’ve kicked the door which blocked our path.

And what stand beyond the door, is the figure of Olivia Eliesire.

「……Oh dear, what we have here」(Olivia)

As her dumbfounded expression turns into those of arrogance and composure kind of attitudes.

「What on earth are you thinking? To creep in someone else mansion without permission. As expected of the mixed ones. By no means, I never thought that they would be lacking an etiquette, too」(Olivia)
「……Please do not play around, I already know what you have done」(Karen)
「What I have done? I don’t understand what you’ve said at all」(Olivia)

As she shed the word of insult, Karen demands an explanation from her. However, Olivia has been inclined her head to play fools.

「――Brainwash magic. Don’t try to say that you didn’t know……! I already know that you are manipulating demonic beings and people and all your evil deed!」(Karen)
「My oh my」(Olivia)

While putting her hands on her cheeks, Olivia leaked a voice of admiration while showing mockery toward Karen. Then she averted her eyes from Karen and looking to our directions.

「Anyway for the likes of such vulgar mercenary to……it’s really unexpected. After all, I do not think it would be revealed by that mixed and it should be you guys was the one who did it, isn’t it?」(Olivia)
「I will give you my compliment」(Olivia)

Olivia who have acknowledged her own crime but there is no impatience could be seen in her expression. She doesn’t feel like being cornered at all and I wonder if she has some kind of trump cards on her hands.

「……Olivia-san, What happened to my father……?」(Karen)

Karen’s question Olivia with trembling voice. On the other hand, with「Ah」in a mild voice as if just remembered it.

「――already dead long time ago」(Olivia)
「Already completely eaten to his bone by the demonic beings」(Olivia)

Hearing that, Karen collapsed feebly.

The survival of the Gouache was hopeless. It already has crossed my mind that the likelihood of him being alive was low, too.


By all means, why did such gentle guy like him has to be killed.

「He goes to the labyrinth with several of his attendants before being attacked by the demonic beings. However, I bought him over to my mansion because I considered that he could be used in various ways. Unfortunately, in the end, his worth is no more or less than being the food for the demonic beings after all」(Olivia)

She said it in harsh voice including a joyful look could be seen on her face. At that time, she probably has manipulated those servants including Jean who was accompanying Gouache, I guess they were the one who sent him to her mansion.

「Though, I was thinking about to brainwash and intended to make good use of him……It was something out of my expectation that he was able to undo the brainwash magic by himself. The social standing of that mixed is really annoying」(Olivia)

He couldn’t be made a puppet. Therefore, Olivia tells proudly that she had turned him into the demonic beings food.

Karen was sobbing and trembling.

「……what about the missing population of the fief」(Elfi)
「Oh, most of them have been turned into the demonic beings meal the same way as him too」(Olivia)

She answered Elfi question as if it was something obvious to say.

Manipulated the demonic beings to caused damages to her and the Rayford territory. Then lay the blame on the barrier of the Rayford House and make justification the control over the right over the labyrinth. In the process, kidnapping a lot of population of the fief into this basement.

「I had the demonic beings eat them after using them in the brainwashing experiment. More than that, all those trash should be thankful because I have made good use of them」(Olivia)
「Why……How could you did such」(Karen)
「It’s to bring about results」(Olivia)

Olivia said those words in a bright tone while spreading both of her hands like to dance with anticipation.

「As what that Mr. adventure over there have said, although the brainwash magic is appointed art of taboo――by casting that very art of taboo on the demonic beings and accomplished the labyrinth subjugation――What do you think will happen next?」(Olivia)

Showed contempt over the Rayford House, control over the labyrinth and captured the demonic beings that come out of it. And after that subjugate the labyrinth behind-the-scenes, thus Olivia saying all those words as if she was singing.

「I have been receiving unjustifiable evaluation because of some annoying brave from the country which fawning over him. Therefore I will give a brilliant result called the labyrinth subjugation and receive proper evaluation this time」(Olivia)
「Just for sake of that……you have sacrificed……my dear father and the people of my territory!?」(Karen)
「That’s right, if this experiment succeeds, the humans can obtain the power that can overthrow the Maou forces and all of this is a necessary sacrifice for that」(Olivia)

In addition, Olivia said.

「Because in this way the filthy sub-humans and mixed like you can be useful for the empire or rather should you be thankful for it, no? Because the mixed and the sub-human should obediently become foods for humans, shouldn’t they?」(Olivia)

This woman has not changed from thirty years ago. Make those selfish theories and using others for her own conveniences. Even if she saw the peoples who suffer caused by it, she would just ridicule them as some necessary sacrifice.

「I agree because we should be the one that felt disgusted」(Iori)
「After all I have considered it won’t be understood by crazy people who has sided with that mixed after all」(Olivia)

Ahh, she really has got rotten to her core after all.

「So? That you stylishly come over by having to smash through my door, are all of that just to hear my stories? Are you satisfied?」(Olivia)

Karen stands up slowly.
Shedding her tears as it is, she trembling grasping her fist while scowling at Olivia.

「Please compensate for your crime」(Karen)

It was not only Olivia who have been surprised at the words that went out of Karen’s mouth.


I thought that she might be going to kill Olivia out of revenge after being consumed by hatred. But Karen was different.

「You have done something unacceptable, So……please compensated for crime that you have done」(Karen)
「HA, haha, AhahaHaha!! You truly an idiot, aren’t you!」(Olivia)

Olivia sneered at Karen while holding her belly.
「Compensate for my sin? Wasn’t what I did was something useful for the Empire? What on earth are you saying that I was guilty just because I’m making a good use of livestock?」(Olivia)

―― That’s right.

「Gosh, what a jokes that both father and daughter is completely an idiot! AH, that right! I will tell you the situation of your father when he died!」(Olivia)

――My presumption was hitting the mark.

「Since brainwash magic does not work on him, I decided to feed him to the demonic beings because to just killing him would be boring, wasn’t it? T.H.E.R.E.F.O.R.E, I let the flesh-eating demonic beings to eat up his flesh bi~iit by bit」(Olivia)

――I thought that she just a mere low-life woman.

「At the beginning he might pretend to be tough and not letting out any scream, but in less than half a day he unsightly have been crying out indefinitely『Help me』『I do not want to die』, you see. In the middle of it, he shouts out the names of his wife and yours like a foolish one. And you know what, I was laughing too hard too after I can’t bear listening to『Karen~, Karen~』」(Olivia)

――I finally understood.

「T.H.E.R.E.U.P.O.N, it gradually turns into『Please Kill Me』in the end. It was a masterpiece! But because he was saying that『I do not want to die』in the beginning. So, this gentle me tries to keep him alive a little bit longer by slowing down the pace of the flesh-eating demonic beings」(Olivia)

――This fellow.

「Then, after having prooooperly~ enjoying it to my heart content, that man has disappeared from this world without leaving any bones. Your father was died while being useful. Therefore, you can be proud of it Karen-san!」(Olivia)

――she has rotted to the core of her very bone.

「Well, just to inform you, it was me is the one that made those demonic beings attacking that mother of yours. She died with a foolish face while trying to protecting the population of the fief.
But in the end, those population of the fief that she trying to protect was being properly served as the demonic beings food, too. Therefore, unlike your father your mother was completely useless, aren’t she?」(Olivia)
「――Just, shut your trap!!!!」(Karen)

I feel nauseated.

I can not think the one who stood before me as human anymore.

It’s disgusting.

It is not a story that someone could stand to listen to. In the end, it’s already useless. This bastard shouldn’t be keep alive anymore.

「Fumu. That story, whom did you want to tell to?」(Elfi)

It was Elfi voice.
When I look back, Karen was being held by Elfi’s arm. She seems already has lost her consciousness.

「If it was to this girl, it would be troubling if those babbling aiming toward the other party who doesn’t hear it. It’s really laughable, though」(Elfi)

It seems that Elfi has made Karen lost her consciousness.

You did well.

Such talk shouldn’t listen to.

「……Oh my, that’s regrettable. There was a story that I wanted her to hear a little more, though」(Olivia)
「……Shut up」(Iori)
「I don’t know what you’re angry about. Well, I felt quite sleepy, too. Then, I will end this as soon as possible」(Olivia)

Then, Olivia snapped her fingers.
The sounds that the door opens are continuously and countless of the footstep is approaching.

「Do you expect that you can return back alive?」(Olivia)

Numerous demonic beings including “Mud Bear” and “Acid Hammer Serpent” has appeared to protect Olivia. And fall behind them, a huge specimen has appears behind Olivia.

It was the dragon kind. What more, the muscles of that dragon were swollen to an extraordinary level as they could be seen even from the scales that covered its body. Neck, shoulder, back, abdomen, the existence with an innumerable mouth, arms and eyes all over――Such an ugly monster.

「After repeated research, it is a demonic being that made out from the labyrinth subjugation――It is a “synthetic dragon”. With a tough body and breath of fire that can burn everything. It can slaughter the A ranked adventurers easily and it is my strongest trump card which I’m proud of」(Olivia)

Along with the roar of the synthetic dragon, it’s arm which grew from its whole body has convulsions fearfully followed with its innumerable eyeballs that turn here all at once.

……It is an ugly monster suitable for a rotten woman.

「Elfi, take care of Karen」(Iori)
「……What are you intended to do?」(Elfi)
「It has been decided」(Iori)

I pull out my jade longsword.
「――Drop in hell」(Iori)


Next one is revenge time.

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  1. Hahaha revenge, peel her skin then put salt and dip her is slowly rising in temperature boiling water so she doesn’t notice it untill she is dead. Then throw her corpse at some orcs or goblins they’ll probably rape the corpse and then eat it or something.


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