Intermission 『While The Ogre Are Laughing』



In the centre of Leytesha.

There’s dense miasma drifting, it is known as a danger zone where powerful demons are swaggering around.

In such a place, there’s a jet black castle enshrined majestically. It’s a lone majestic building made out of magical steel created by the Mazoku and it’s an ominous castle with an overwhelming presence to look at.

Its being protected by an anti-magic barrier for prevention against intruders. Moreover, the entrance is being blocked by powerful demons.

In the sky covered by dark clouds, countless dragons from various species are roaming through the skies. Even if humans had led their army here, they would experience difficulty in approaching the demon castle.

The name of that ominous castle is the Demon King Castle.

It’s the headquarters and command post of the demon army which is led by Demon King Ortegia Van Zalfredo.

Moreover, the Maou Castle is a kind of labyrinth itself. There’s a huge “Labyrinth Core” installed inside, it releases miasma around the castle constantly,because of that there’s plenty of demons inhabiting around the castle.

Inside one of the rooms in the Demon King Castle, there are several Mazoku surrounding the long desk while facing off with each other.

A tense atmosphere drifts inside the meeting room.

Several days ago, a full-fledged labyrinth that has not been threatened for thirty years has fallen and because of that, it was decided that a meeting will be held to investigate the cause and countermeasure for it.

However, on that very day, following the Labyrinth of Hades, the news regarding the fall of Labyrinth of Purgatory has arrived.

It was an open meeting to avoid any further loss of other labyrinths.

「After all, both the Earth Demon Lord and Flame Demon Lord are no more than just a fool and a small fry, aren’t they?」(Unknown Onizoku)

That was said by a man from the Onizoku who was dressed in a jet black uniform. He has light blue eyes and well-arranged indigo blue hair.

At first sight, he gave the impression of a man with gentle manners while having a delicate frame himself. However, his contempt is showed in his eyes while his lips were distorted as  he uttered those mockery words.

「I am different from those fellows, you see. Because it’s really unpleasant being stepped on by other Mazoku」(Unknown Onizoku)

The man of the Onizoku continues his words in a haughty manner while raising up his chin glaring at the gathered Mazoku.

「……But, I won’t permit any further blunder due to the absence of Ortegia-sama」(Unknown Silver Hair)

It was a Mazoku with pale silver hair and blue eyes who retorted the words of the Onizoku man.

Refiise Gregoria of the “Rain”*. TN *Ame=雨

A Mazoku who is entrusted to act as a regent during the absence of the Demon King.

「In the first place, it was you who appointed both “Earth Demon Lord” and “Flame Demon Lord”, didn’t you? Then this is your blunder, right?」(Unknown Onizoku)


Even in the presence of the Demon King representative himself, the man of the Onizoku―― Dionis doesn’t intend to cast aside his insolent attitude.

Two labyrinths have fallen and in order to defend the other labyrinths, Refiise advocated the strengthening of the labyrinth. However, Dionis interjects the suggestion as something unnecessary.

「B-but, Dionis-sama. The Empire Army is showing some disturbing movement and the hero summoned by the kingdom is bothering me……isn’t it better to strengthen the labyrinth from this time onwards?」(Unknown Girl)

At that time, the Mazoku girl which was standing behind Dionis had opened her mouth and she was Dionis subordinate entrusted with trivial duties. It is a girl with mixed origins of human and Mazoku.

「Oh, that’s right」(Dionis)

Dionis makes a gentle smile as he turned around facing that girl.

Then, immediately after that.

「Ga――, Ba!?」(Unknown Girl)

The girl’s face was covered up by a sphere which consists of water. The girl struggled while her eyes roll in bewilderment as she’s deprived of oxygen. However, the water sphere continues to seal the girl breath as long it doesn’t disappear from her face.

「Say, who permitted you to talk, huh? With such social standing of lowborn scum, do you think that you will be forgiven when you talk back to me?」(Dionis)

The girl opened her mouth as she tries to say something, but unfortunately, her voice wouldn’t be heard from the outside because her mouth was being blocked by the water. Then, the face of the girl gradually turns red and eventually changes to blue before long. On the other hand, Dionis seemed to enjoy the sight from the bottom of his heart.

「――I can’t bear to watch it」(Unknown Blue Hair)

Simultaneously with that voice, something glittering has made the sphere which covered the girl fall into the ground.

The soaked girl was coughing vigorously after collapsing on the ground.

「Wasn’t she your own subordinate?」(Unknown Blue Hair)

Said the man with a blue hair who sat on a seat next to Dionis who was silent until now. As the Mazoku from the Four Heavenly King of the Demon King army which was known as “Distortion” helped the girl while he scowled at Dionis.

「That’s right, but? That’s the reason why I did that on my own accord, you know」(Dionis)

「……It’s unpleasant and disgusting, you know」(Unknown Blue Hair)

「Yeah yeah, well I’m sorry for that, okay?」(Dionis)

Ignoring such insincere apology, “Distortion” called out to the collapsed girl.

「Oi, woman. For the time being, go outside this room――――」(Distortion)

「Guh!?」(Unknown Girl)

At the same time when “Distortion” called out to that girl, a sword that appeared abruptly has penetrated the girl right in her face. It pierced right in the middle of the girl’s forehead, with that the girl was already dead as it is.

「……You bastard」(Distortion)

「I have just cleaned it up because you told me it was unpleasant, didn’t you? Ah, I’m sorry! You were just the same “mixed” as this one, aren’t you? No wonder that you were sympathising with her, huh?」(Dionis)

「Well said, that was supposed to mean “Please kill me”, didn’t it?」(Distortion)

At that moments, a tense atmosphere has drifted between them.

「――That’s enough」(Refiise)

Then, Refiise cut into their conversation and with such vigourousness, it has made everyone who was there get the illusion that the room temperature has gone down. Because of that, Dionis lowered his hips as he seated in his seat displeased while “Distortion” fell into silence without saying anything.

With that, Refiise proceeded the meeting forcibly just as it is.

「I understand, then I won’t make any improvement on your labyrinth. So we will leave it as it is. However」(Refiise)

「……I know, even if you didn’t say it-ne」(Dionis)

Dionis nods while floating a smile which seemed innocent.

In response, Refiise announce.

「……Then, with this, the meeting has ended」(Refiise)

In the meeting room after the other Mazoku left.

The laughter of a woman’s echoes.

Echoes all over the room accompany with her *KUSUKUSU* chuckling.

「……What’s so funny, “Lucifina”」(Dionis)

「There’s nothing, its just that I thought that you never change」(Lucifina)

Said by the “Half-Elf” woman who never opened her mouth until now.

The glowing golden hair that shines fascinatingly as if the light in the sun was tied in the bundle and her silver eyes that make the beholder feel kindness from it.

Unlike the other Mazoku, that women is wearing a loose dress.

「So what will do you do? Aside from the Empire Army, it is said that the Hero is moving in the same way as “that” idiot, you know?」(Lucifina)

「It doesn’t bother me at all」(Dionis)

As Dionis answered the question of Lucifina.

「I just need to kill him, that’s all」(Dionis)

Lucifina *KUSUKUSU* chuckled as she expected that answer.

The labyrinth which was installed in the Empire.

The Guardian of the Labyrinth of Death Swamp――――、

「It will be in the same way as “that” Hero」(Dionis)

While Dionis of the “Water Demon Lord” smiled wickedly.

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16 thoughts on “Intermission 『While The Ogre Are Laughing』

  1. I wanna watch theirs agony when the thier judgwment day comes. Of course iori will torture them wahahhaahahaahahaha

    # my bad my sadis side show up


  2. I feel some foreshadowing !! But i didn’t realize that Dionis was just part of the riffraff 😮
    I pity the fool if he thinks that as a simple elemental demon lord can beat Iori. Probably even weaker than the 4 heavenly lings too.
    Meh it might be possible that his title doesn’t show his true strengh but it would be too hopetimistic kuku. In the end the Onizoku in this case are like “youhou since we are frome the oni clan you lot are just inferior species” huh.


    1. He obliviously implied hes gonna befriend iori and then betray him, Just cant wait to see his face when he realizes iori is amatsu…


  3. Honestly, Iori could had baited half of his betrayers just by acting exactly like he did 30 years ago, and then half way thru he could conduct a purge and get his revenge.
    Anyway Dionis implied hes gonna try to betray the “new” hero the same way he did to “that” hero…Cant wait to see how Iori tortures him, remeber the objective is to have dionis feel true regret, it wont be easy.

    Another point was how there are mixed blood individuals, which show that Demons and Humans can interspecies…Weird they still at war after such a fact, Im not talking about a religious war or countries but racial war when in fact every demi-human here can be considered the same species if they can just fck eachother and leave fertile descendants but thats a plot hole in all this fantasy racial wars.


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