Episode 20『Be Never Betrayed Anymore』










The white ceiling was reflected in my view when I opened my eyes.

It seems that I was lying in a bed.

The bed creaked as I raised my body.


「Good morning, Iori」(Elfi)


When facing toward the voice, it was Elfi who sat next to my bed.


「……Ah, how long have I been asleep?」(Iori)

「It’s been two full days」(Elfi)


Since then we seem to have been rescued by the adventures and were transported to the hospital.

My wound are already cured with healing magic and seemed to be only waiting for me to regain my consciousness afterwards.


「……What happened to those adventurers?」(Iori)

「There were many of them with severe injuries, but miraculously nobody was dead. That cat girl and the full armour guy are also safe」(Elfi)


Elfi said it’s all thanks to the fast movements of the adventurers in the end.

There seems to be someone who was in a considerably dangerous state.

But the help has rushed quickly and gave appropriate medical treatment, because of that, no casualty appeared.


「Is that so……」(Iori)


I let out a relieved breath and leaned against the bed.

Well, I’m glad……


「……That’s right. Regarding your true identity as Mazoku being exposed and what happened afterwards?」(Iori)

「It’s a stupid question-zo. If it was transmitted to other people, neither you nor I’d put in here now」(Elfi)


No-one of those adventurers seems to have leaked out Elfi being a Mazoku.

It seems to be informed that the labyrinth subjugation was accomplished by the outstanding performance of two “human beings”.

Nobody has betrayed us.


I was betrayed by my fellow companions who I believed, and was helped by the adventurers whom I doubted.

……As I expected, do I have a poor eye on judging others?


「It appears that not everyone is a low-life like your former companions, huh」(Elfi)


「Similar to those adventurers, it means that there is someone who will abandon their life for sake of repaying a favor」(Elfi)


Who to doubt and who to trust.

Such as, the human that can believe in, huh?

Because either you and me have to ascertain those properly first.


That is the hidden meaning in Elfi’s words.


「……How about you?」(Iori)

「You moron. It will be you who decides it, right?」(Elfi)

「……You’re right」(Iori)


I have to listen properly to Elfi once more firmly regarding that later.

It seems that the corpse of Beltoga was collected by the guild, the Flame Demon Lord and the Flame Dragon’s material will distributed equally among the adventurers.

We seem to be called by the guild to be handed a reward.


「……That’s right. Regarding my body, I’ve retained it a while ago, you know」(Elfi)



While Elfi hums a sound effect of “JaJaJaJan~♪”, two arms grew from her head.

As expected, it’s really an awful scene to watch.


「Both of my arm were sealed inside the “Purgatory Labyrinth”. I have collected it before the help came」(Elfi)

「……So, what’re you gonna do with it」(Iori)

「I’ll do it like this」(Elfi)


When I thought that her alter ego arm went off, but at that moment Elfi *KYUPON* attached and stuck those arms on the cross section.


「It’s done!」(Elfi)

「……Are you going to attach it just like that?」(Iori)


As she *BUNBUN* swings around both of her arms to check the movement. TN *BUNBUN* = *shake shake*

With just that, apparently, those arms seems to have been attached perfectly.

一Truthfully, what is going on with this fellow body?


「What remains is『Legs』『Body』and my『Heart』」(Elfi)

「So you are divided as such……?」(Iori)


It’s rather rough, huh.


「I truly want to regain my heart as soon as possible, you see. Because most of my magical power is in the heart」(Elfi)

「What would happen when we regain it without the body first?」(Iori)

「……? I think that the heart will be floating in the air-zo」(Elfi)

「If that happened, don’t you try to approach me at night, got it」(Iori)



It was when we were having such conversation.

The door makes *GARAGARA* rattling sound as it being opened, then someone came in.

It’s Misha and Nyamel.


「It seem you’re fine and what’s th――」(Iori)


「「Iori-san!」」(Misha & Nyamel)




As soon as they’ve seen my face, both Misha and Nyamel jumped at me like a dog.

Both of them cling to my body.


「Wa-wa-What are you bastards doing!?」(Elfi)


Elfi’s screaming from out of nowhere after seeing what both of them had done.

While not minding it, both Misha and Nyamel are「I’m glad-nya, I’m glad-nya」as they’re still attached to me.

It took a couple of minutes until the excitement of both of them went away.


「I-I am sorry Iori-san. Because my accent came out when I’m excited……」(Misha)

「It’s been a long time since I heard my Onee-chan accent-nya」(Nyamel)


Nyamel who had an astonished face at Misha who corrected her wording while her face was turning red.

Is that “Nya” an accent……?


「I was anxious because Iori-san didn’t wake up」(Misha)

「I am sorry to make you worry」(Iori)

「No, above all I’m glad that you’re fine……」(Misha)


Misha and Nyamel seemed to have come to visit because they’ve been worried about me.


Then, for several minutes, we had a good talk with each others, we were glad that either of us is safe.


「Oy, you bastards, do not ignore me」(Elfi)

「Ah! It’s the strange head miss customer-nya!」(Nyamel)

「There’s nothing strange with my head!!」(Elfi)


With Elfi who is outraged by the words of Nyamel who seem to have just noticed her presence.


「Hey! If this guy wasn’t there, then I won’t be here right now-zo. She an amazing fellow that is known as “Explosion” among the adventurers, ya’know」(Misha)


While Misha lightly pokes Nyamel head in warning.

I heard it plenty in the labyrinth and it seems that it is fixed as it is because of those “explosion”.

In this world, there are people that had quite a nickname.


「Thank you very much for helping my Onee-chan, nya! The exploding head customer-san!」(Nyamel)

「You bastard are you trying to pick a fight with me!?」(Elfi)


While those two were happily making a racket somewhere else, Misha has expressed her gratitude once more.

As “Hey, don’t run there” and ” Thank you for coming to help me”


「…… It is me who should thank to you」(Iori)


Albeit I can’t trust others.

Because it is true that I had felt saved at that time.


「I have lost consciousness shortly after that, but Iori-san at that time……was really cool-nya~……n-no, You were cool!」(Misha)


Misha’s face is blushed while her ears *PIKOPIKO* flip flop moving around.

It seems that the ears on the head actually move with emotion.

That reminds me that Nyamel ears are always moving.


「T-that’s right. When we going to come for a visit, Gramp said “As gratitude just say it if there’s something that you want me to make”」(Misha)

「”Gratitude”, that’s……」(Iori)


Still, putting aside that “Gratitude” actually I want to buy a new armour before we proceed.

I would like to broaden my fighting capability and improve my defence power more than anything else.

First of all, let’s go over to Zoorutsu’s place.





It was an uproar when I went to the adventure guild.


「Hey, guys! The “Demon Lord Slayer” has come-zo!」

「Yo “Explosion”! I was worried cause you didn’t show your face and I’m really glad that you were fine-ze!」

「I heard that “Flash” was hospitalised, but he seems to be all right too-na!」


It seems that a considerable number of people were discharged from the hospital earlier than I was.

The adventurers crowd around us who just entered the guild.

I was being called  “Flash” on my part, so maybe that is my nickname?

The “Demon Lord Slayer” That seems to be me and Elfi, it was both of us.


I greeted the noisy adventurers and went to the receptionist.

Even the receptionist that gave the explanation to us was in a little excited manner.

The basic reward is equally split. However, by the will of adventures, it seems that both of us have been allocated a considerable amount of it.


The amount of money from the rewards is quite large and there are also a lot of demon materials, too.

It contained the magic crystal of the Flame Dragon and Flame Demon Lord among them.


「……For both of us to have this much is」(Iori)


「What are you saying! You guys are the ones who defeated that Flame monster-ze?」

「Even without that, I’m still getting an amount of money that I can play and enjoy my life for quite a while」

「Yeah right, I will go embracing a prostitute every day this month-ze」


They seem to be paid a considerable amount.

Well …… It’s a pretty good achievement to accomplish the labyrinth subjugation.

The considerable money will be granted by not only the guild but also from the country itself.


「It is the consensus of opinion from everyone and please accept it」(Zolkin)



It seems that Zolkin-san was already recovered, too.

He still wears the same whole body armour as before.


「It’s because of your protection, that we’re here」(Zolkin)


In the end, I decided to receive the reward as it is.

The amount of money which I stole from the kingdom is beyond enough, It will become a terrible vast amount when I include those money with this ones.

Well, with this I won’t be troubled with any problem related with money, though.


「Fumu*……Iori, with this much money. Would it be fine if I spend it a bit?」(Elfi)

「Yeah, or rather, it’s Elfi’s money after all and you may use it freely, you know」(Iori)


Then when I nod,


「It is a celebration of the labyrinth subjugation! Lets hit the bar! It’s on me today-zo!」(Elfi)


She shouted such a thing.


「HyuUUUU*! As expected of the “Explosion”! It make me fell in love with you again-ze!」TN whistling*


「Alrightttttt!  It’s drinks!」

「Please marry me!」


The adventurers are making a fuss about it.


「Even if that is the case, won’t it be bad?」

「……Everyone just recovered, though」


On that day, a banquet was held on the spot.





Three days passed after that.

During that time I was summoned to meet up with the Federations higher-ups in various ways, but I skillfully avoided it.

Even though I frequently got invited by the adventurers and because I don’t want to attend the party, I declined all of it.


On that day, we came over to meet up with Zoorutsu.

He seems to work temporarily at another blacksmith’s with the recommendation of his adventures connections.

When we came over to the shop, the owner also warmly welcomed refering to us as the  “Demon Lord Slayer”

「You’ve come」(Zoorutsu)


Thanks to the healing magic there’s no trace of burns remaining on Zoorutsu.

It seems that he was able to smith like before.


「The result was good as the previous one!」(Zoorutsu)


I had Zoorutsu make a protective gear with the material which I got from the reward.

I had him use the magic crystal of the “Flame Demon Lord”.


「This is it!」(Zoorutsu)


What I was shown was clothing type armour, the magical clothes.

It is a type of magic item that made by engraving a variety of magic in a special cloth.


Black as the coats base and in some places there’s some crimson red pattern.


I understand just by a touch of my hand, that its toughness and magical power are not in comparison with those common armours.

Similar with the jade longswords, it’s quite a considerable article.


「As a matter of course, the defence power against physical attacks and magical attacks is reasonable and this one is considerably resistant toward the magic of flame attribute. It’s to the extent that it can withstand the advanced flame magic」(Zoorutsu)


I was wearing the clothes while receiving the explanation from Zoorutsu.

It is considerably more light than I imagined it would.

Its considerably comfortable to be wear, too.


「If I should name it, it will be no other than the “Crimson armour”」(Zoorutsu)



Apparently, judging from the appearances there were more black areas, though.

If you were to name it, shouldn’t it be a Jet Black Armor?


「Try cladding your body with magical power」(Zoorutsu)


When I do it as I was told by the old man, some change happens on the armour.

The pattern of fire is gradually getting bigger.


「As for the armour, the more magical power flows into it the more crimson it will get. Plus the defence will also rise accordingly, too」(Zoorutsu)


Does the defence power rise depending on the amount of magical power?

Although it is quite sturdy even as it is now, it is an outrageous armour.


After that, I have him choose some weapons which seem to be easy to use.

Since the remaining number of Magic Stone has decreased considerably, I have to reconsider changing my way of fighting soon.


「How much?」(Iori)

「I don’t need the money-zo」(Zoorutsu)


I was told that flatly.


「Because this time you’ve taken care of Misha, too. That alone is more than enough for me」(Zoorutsu)


While he crosses his arm as a declaration that he won’t change his intention.


「Please receive it, Iori-san」(Misha)

「You thief, just take it-nya!」(Nyamel)


As both Misha and Nyamel say so.

In the end, I receive it free of charge.


「Say, Iori」(Zoorutsu)


Zoorutsu talked in a low voice upon his leaving.


「In the last few days, there has been no figure of the Wolf beastman in the town. It’s as soon as my store has been burnt down」(Zoorutsu)

「……By that, is there something wrong?」(Iori)

「Nah……But if they managed to do something about it……I just wanted to thank the guy who did it」(Zoorutsu)


Zoorutsu went back to the forge after he said those words.


「……as usual,  you are a sharp fellow, huh」(Iori)





Then in three days, I carried out the information gathering and complete my recuperation while arranging our preparation.

Thus, I’ve done collecting the information regarding our next destination.


Two days later.

We finished our preparations and decided to leave the Hot Spring City.


「So, are you going already? Then, please take a good care of your health」(Zoorutsu)


I say my thanks to Zolkin and other adventurers and leave the adventurer guild.

I also express my gratitude to Zoorutsu for those weapons.


「……If there any business that you need to attend to at the Federations, just come over」(Zoorutsu)

「You’re always welcomed-nya!」(Nyamel)


Both Misha and Nyamel were seeing us off.

It seems that Misha is quite dispirited somehow.


「I wonder is there something wrong with Misha?」(Iori)

「…………I wonder why」(Elfi)


As Elfi didn’t answer with a blunt attitude albeit she seems to know something about it.





Merwin and Beltoga.

I was able to exact my revenge on the two betrayers at the Federations.

I cannot yet meet Luser and my other former companions, but I’ll find them by all means and kill every single one of them.


I also obtained a bit of information regarding my other revenge targets.

The next destination is the Empire.

There’s also a betrayer there, too.


「The Empire? I wonder is there something delicious there?」(Elfi)


Elfi says such a carefree thing while walking ahead.




“Ascertain those who you can believe by yourself”, huh.

Apparently, somehow or another I understand that I had been betrayed because I’ve no eye in judging others.


「……? Whats the matter Iori」(Elfi)



Let’s confirm it by myself regarding this fellow as well.





Never be betrayed anymore.

Author: This concludes the second chapter.

How was revenge on Merwin and Beltoga?

I am pleased if you give any comments and evaluation. (At author page)

In the next episode, I will post a summary regarding the characters.

As for chapters two and after I give my thanks in advance.


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